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Matthew Pye

  • Buscadom was launched on the 29th of February and we have seen a steady pick up of our new portal offering during the last month. Agencies are appreciative of our ‘on the ground’ approach and whilst some still […]

  • With the amount of property in Spain in the hands of foreign owners and an unfathomable amount of estate agents on the ground, portal advertising has become the norm and an essential expense for agents working […]

  • This is maybe a bit brash, as i am neither an online estate agent nor an estate agent. But i do spend about a 100 hours a week reading, analyzing and deciphering the fountain of information that rushes across my […]

  • ThumbnailAs the we wade through yet another freezing and soaking wet winter we must dream of long balmy summer evenings to keep our spirits up and our minds off the persistent deluge that so many of us have faced over the l […]

  • Why do the Spanish authorities not fall into line with other European countries and license the real estate industry? If other European countries you need to have a degree in a property field to be able to become […]

  • We need to go a little further than this.

    One of the main reasons for the increase are the inflated increases seen in property sales in the larger cities. Madrid, Barcelona especially and Valencia were only lightly shaken by the economic downturn, in terms of property value.

    On the popular Costas, where the vast majority of the property…[Read more]

  • The secret to SEO is that there is no secret. It’s all common sense. Agencies and brands that rank well on search engines have engaging and interesting content, address the search intent of their target audience […]

  • Your house of cards comment is pretty spot on in my opinion.

    I hope that the hybrid estate agency serves to compliment the bricks and mortar agencies and even shakes the weak and unworthy out of the market.

    I don’t think, even very long term, that it’s going to replace it.

    Also, as you mentioned the cyclical nature of the market will…[Read more]

    • totally agree, small hybrid start ups locally focussed may well be the most cost effective way forward. When the ‘online model’ manages to convince the public that this model can deliver the best price, then the low fee proposition ‘not on the high street’ will dominate.
      Interesting point is, Online is modern and not trusted, traditional is…[Read more]

    • Thanks Matthew for your comments, you obviously have a very good understanding of the estate agency market, I do honesty think the pricing structure is unsustainable, “far too cheap” if they get that right it has a chance.

      The French system is very akin to what they are trying to do with the hybrid agent, it has now developed to accomodate the…[Read more]

  • With the property market in a bit of an upswing agents, portals and industry suppliers should really start experimenting with advanced technologies so that they can provide potential buyers with an innovative […]

  • Estate Agents.

    I am curious to know how willing any of you are to market property abroad as part of your general property portfolio. As client side agents you would be due a rather healthy slice of comission if you could provide leads which could be converted by cooperating agents

    • Hi Matthew, just came across your topic. What’s your interest? I am CEO of the AIPP – Association of International Property Professionals. 340+ corporate members in 31 countries; Agents, developers, lawyers, Financial services etc.

  • This starts as a test of how accurately you read the title. Which is a lot of what this article is about.

    Attention to detail.

    This isn’t an article about how, you as an estate agent, should be using social […]

  • Since WordPress really took hold as a framework on which to build fully responsive websites as default, which was about 5 YEARS AGO i am utterly astonished that a company as Rightmove have taken this long to catch up. And it’s really kind of them to consider design now :)

    Long term i think they are too cumbersome to survive and a younger,…[Read more]