Are UK house prices now just too expensive?

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    I know that this topic does float about quite often, but I would like to raise it here on Estate Agent Networking to get views from estate agents from across the UK. I would certainly see that we are reaching a very dangerous point for house prices, yes they are escalating higher and higher which is fine for those who see property as a business, ie landlords, but to many who see a property as a home and those yet to enter the property market, the prices are just too frightening. Is there such a thing as a 15 year mortgage any more? Will the younger generation be ever able to afford to buy, especially around London, or is that now only investors who can purchase, many of those being from overseas? Of course, house buying is happening across the country and many first time buyers are getting their ‘homes’, but I do hear great concern from within the industry that prices are simply too expensive compared to average salaries…

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