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This post is for Independent agency owners who want more high quality instructions, are hungry to learn, have open minds and who take swift and decisive action.

Is that you?

By the end of this post you will:

 Know what a marketing SYSTEM is

 Discover how a marketing system can generate new quality leads

 Learn the steps to copy and implement

 Knock your competitors for six

 Feel very smug.

I also have a BIG announcement…. so stick around.

Why I give away so much great information for free

 I wish I’d discovered me in 2004

 These ideas should be shared

 Love helping independents

 I like being your secret weapon

 Some of you will become clients

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We have a serious problem in our industry

We are wasting money on marketing.”
BIG money.

But it’s not your fault.

You have been
misled, miss-advised,
bamboozled and
How are you supposed to know what works? And avoid a disaster?
Testing is expensive

 Advertising £500

 SEO £500

 Social media management £500

 Sponsorship £500

 Total £2500

Repeat 4 times a year = £10,000
All you want to do is
Find out what works
Do what works
Sell houses

If you don’t find what marketing works,
bad things happen
You will have an empty diary.
Then all your staff will run off to your competitors.
Every day will be a fight.
You will be constantly in the red.
You will lose sleep, avoid exercise, and generally feel rubbish

Effective marketing systems work like magic.

Your diary will be full.
Your team will love you.
You will attract the very best staff.
Your business will take off.
With a healthy bank balance, you can focus on the good stuff… selling houses.
So you can sleep easy.

Marketing shouldn’t be this hard

Corporate agents shouldn’t win just because they have the biggest marketing budgets.
A TV ad does not mean they are a great estate agent.

You know you can serve your clients better.
MUCH better. You just need a chance to prove it.

All that’s standing between you and success, is creating marketing systems that work

Great news: it’s easier than you think.

How it has worked for us.

Year 1 from scratch

 £450k in instructed/sold

 Standard fee 1.5%

 Conversion rate: 97%

 Average fee last quarter £12,295

 Currently £409k in listings, £109k pending

 Team of 6.

When you think about Marketing Systems, how do you feel?


You’re not alone.
Most agents don’t know what they are doing when it comes to effective marketing systems.

The options are endless.

Let’s face it, marketing is noisy. A ton of new stuff is posted every day
The rules keep changing and it’s a huge challenge just to keep up. And getting harder every day.

I’ve been there

I’ve spent over a DECADE researching, testing and exploring what works on:

 Content marketing

 Landing pages

 Marketing funnels






 Video marketing

 Personal branding




Until I’m confident I know what works and where to spend my time for the best results.

Back in 2004 I started my business. I was a single mum with three kids, flat broke with little time.  With no marketing budget, I had to work out what worked to get the phone ringing.

I read everything on marketing I could lay my hands on.

And I tested endlessly to discover which marketing activities would give me the best ROI.

I tried them, tested them, tweaked them: I made them work. Then made them better.

And now I share my secrets, shortcuts and successes with my clients.

Marketing advice can take you down a rabbit hole.

It can be scary taking it on alone. But if you can’t afford a marketing manager or agency, what choice do you have? (More on that later.)

Even when you think you have it figured out, it doesn’t work. And you don’t really know why.

Marketing systems do the hard work for you

 You create them

 They work while you sleep

 Sending new enquiries magically to your inbox

 So you can get on with listing and selling houses.

The good news is, no one is really doing it right in our industry. Which means you can smash it, with my help.

I’m going to give you 3 marketing systems you can steal and use in a free online training, on Thursday 16th August at 2pm. Just go to this link to save your spot:


What you’ll discover on the training:

 Three of our best converting Marketing Systems

 How to get big results with no spend

 Exactly how they work, step-by-step

I’m not going to show you MORE things to do – I’m going to show you the RIGHT things to do with your Marketing Systems.

The bad news – you probably can’t afford a full-time Marketing Manager, and agencies often charge a lot for not much return.

The good news – I’ve been creating and using Marketing Systems for 14 years, working out what works through trial and error, sweat and tears, and lots of money chucked down the drain. So now you don’t have to. I’m going to share with you three simple, high-converting Marketing Systems we use in AshdownJones, so you can simply steal them and use them in your agency straight away.

I’ll show you the:

The TOWIE System – simple, sexy and seductive

The Houdini System – smart, bold and well-executed

The Eddie the Eagle System – fast, fearless and surprising.

These are just three of the smart marketing systems we use on an ongoing basis in our agency, and have collectively earned us tens of thousands of pounds in fees.

Get the systems step-by-step on this brand new and unique free training

Estate agents have a problem; marketing as we know it doesn’t work any more
The world has changed. And if you don’t change with it, you’re going to lose those high quality instructions to your corporate and online competitors. Just because they are creating Marketing Systems and you aren’t.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can do it better, cheaper and more effectively than they can. And I’ll show you how on this free training.

Don’t forget that I don’t record these free sessions, so you’ll need to show up live or you’ll miss it! This session is up-to-the-minute, proven and unique. You won’t hear this stuff anywhere else. We are living and breathing these techniques every single day in our own agency, AshdownJones.

Who else is going to share their best Marketing Systems with you?

Show up live with an open mind, because if you don’t, your competitors might!



Author: Sam Ashdown

Sam is an industry-renowned marketing strategist to estate agents. She helps agents grow and flourish, using her unique smart marketing techniques and strategies. Sam works with agents throughout the UK to help them gain more valuations, win more instructions and sell more properties.

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