3 ways to communicate effectively with house-buyers

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The property ladder has a number of wonky rungs, and sometimes one misplaced step up can lead to you falling on your face harder than a boxer missing his opponent with a massive haymaker.

We’ve all watched Location, Location, Location, in which two posh presenters try to sell houses to an equally posh couple. It’s a great show, in part because of the drama inherent in actually being able to afford the property.

The eminently middle class people onscreen will um and ah their way through an episode, in part because they have no idea if their bank manager will agree to a mortgage for the property they want.

Just to be clear – every property on this show is dynamite, but even affluent people have no idea if they can afford them.

It’s the horrid curse of the property ladder. The house you want is always just out of reach, while the one you can afford is laden with flaws.

As an estate agent, your job is partly to get buyers beyond the perception that purchasing the perfect property is little more than a pipedream. You’re ultimately a marketer, and you need to understand how to make your property look as appealing as possible.

Check with the law

Marketing is a sleight of hand, no matter how you look at it. Even the most honest of advertorial posts involves coaxing the reader/viewer’s subconscious into performing an action, in this case the purchasing of a property.

And as with any respectable trick, you don’t want your participant to feel exploited. In extreme cases, your trick could be illegal or place undue pressure on a prospective buyer.

Many industries have faced court cases for unethical practice. You don’t want to make yours one of them.

To understand your legal obligations, we’d recommend a solicitors like Switalskis for advice and help. It’ll help you draw the line between good and shady marketing.

Know your customer

Are your properties perfect for first-time buyers, or are they better suited to grizzled veterans of the housing market?

The answer to that question will make a significant difference to your marketing strategy, including where you market yourself and how you speak to prospective buyers.

If your core market lies on the younger end of the scale, promoting your wares via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook could be a good idea. But if you’re tapping into the grey market, then lifestyle magazines and the good ol’ television is a safe bet.

Help your customers

You shouldn’t be solely trying to make a sale. In an ideal world, an estate agent is conduit for the property market, helping buyers make informed decisions and improving their lot.

Read up on the appropriate way to communicate information to outsiders, and present prospective buyers with information in a simple and easy to understand manner.

That’s our list! Got any tips of your own? Then let us know in the comments below!

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