5 Most Expensive Casinos in the World

Casino resorts are some of the most expensive properties in the world. They are known for extravagant exteriors and lavish interiors. Apart from hundreds of rooms to accommodate players and gaming rooms that can fit thousands of visitors at a time, these resorts often include spas, pools, gyms, sports venues, restaurants, and much, much more.

Of course, the cost of building a casino resort is high. In fact, some of the most expensive casinos in the world cost billions of dollars to build.

If you wish to find out more, we have prepared a list of some of the most expensive casino projects in the world, so let’s dig into it.

1. CityCenter, Las Vegas

There are more than 104 casinos in Las Vegas, and CityCenter is by far the most expensive one. It was built in 2009, and it cost $9.2 billion to finish the entire project. It’s considered to be the most expensive private construction project in US history. However, did you know that CityCenter is often regarded as a small town rather than just a casino?

It spans across 18 million square feet of real estate. It has around 2,400 homes, dozens of restaurants, and four hotels with approximately 5,000 rooms in total. As far as the casino goes (ARIA), it includes a gaming floor that covers 150,000 square feet, enough to fit more than 100 table games and 2,000 slot machines.

In addition, the casino also includes a sportsbook for sports betting fans, a theater that seats 1,800 people, bars, clubs, restaurants, and more.

2. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is marvelous in every aspect and is regarded by many as an architectural jewel. The construction was completed in 2010, and it cost around $6.88 billion. The project resembles a longboat, which is balanced atop three hotels. Marina Bay Sands includes the most expensive casino ever built in Asia.

The gaming floor spreads over 160,000 square feet, and it features more than 1,500 slot machines and more than 600 tables for different casino games. The rooftop area of the Marina Bay Sands is known as the SkyPark, and it features more than 300 different stores and boutiques.

However, the entire shopping experience is unique because visitors can explore SkyPark by riding gondolas through the mall. In addition to many other facilities Marina Bay Sands has to offer, the resort includes one of the highest gardens in the world and an infinity pool.

3. Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Resorts World Sentosa is another one in the line of Resorts World casino resorts. The resort is owned by Genting, an Asian gambling giant that also owns many other casino sites, such as Resorts World in the UK or Resorts World Manila.

However, unlike its sister sites, Resorts World Sentosa was significantly more expensive to finish. Namely, Resorts World Sentosa was built in 2010, and it cost $4.93 billion.

Santosa’s gaming floor stretches across nearly 600,000 square feet. It’s big enough for more than 2,400 slot machines and 500 casino table games. In addition, the resort includes seven hotels, a variety of fine dining restaurants, a waterpark, and an aquarium.

Moreover, casino guests can also visit the Universal Studios theme park that features 28 rides, attractions, and shows.

4. Resorts World, Las Vegas

Just like Resorts World Sentosa, Resorts World Las Vegas is a part of the Resorts World brand owned by Genting. The resort opened on June 24 in 2021, and it’s the first resort that opened on the Strip since Cosmopolitan’s launch in 2010.

The entire project cost $4.3 billion to build, and it features a huge variety of restaurants and bars, a spa, a 5000-seat theater, and the largest pool complex on the Strip with nine pools available.

As far as the casino goes, it features 170,000 square feet of gaming space, which is enough to include more than 1,400 slot machines, nearly 120 table games, and a poker room. When it comes to accommodation, Resorts World Las Vegas has three Hilton hotels, all of which have more than 3,500 rooms.

5. The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

Even though Cosmopolitan isn’t the most expensive casino on our list, it’s widely regarded as one of the best in the world. The casino opened its doors in 2010, and it cost approximately $3.9 billion to build.

The entire project encompasses two skyscrapers with more than 3,000 rooms, around 300,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, a spa, a fitness facility, a 3,200-seat theater, and more.

In addition to various facilities, Cosmopolitan has 110,000 square feet of gaming space, which translates to more than 1,300 slot and video poker machines and 17 lounges for games like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack.


As you can see, an average casino resort includes much more than just traditional gambling facilities in an industry worth almost $231 billion. In addition to the casino, these resorts include hotels to accommodate casino players and a wide range of various entertainment and relaxing facilities.

Moreover, they span across thousands and thousands of square feet of land. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the construction of some of the most expensive casinos in the world costs billions of dollars.

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