Are you doing enough to satisfy your landlord?

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Within every industry there are conflicting opinions. The main one in the letting industry is whether tenants have a loyalty to Letting Agents or not?

Would someone pass on their dream house because it wasn’t with a letting agent they liked?

With the online property portals at the forefront of property searching, do tenants still come into the office to enquire about properties or is it all emails and Facebook messages?

However what is a united opinion within Lettings is that the same does not apply to landlords. Treat them badly, fail to collect rent, neglect their property and they will leave you.

No break up sex, you won’t get custody of the cat or be able to keep their cd collection, they will just break all ties and move on straight away.

So how do you keep them satisfied? Make them feel loved and ensure them that their property is in the right hands?


Make sure you are on top of the rent, now we know that with some tenants it is like drawing blood from a stone but landlords aren’t really satisfied with ‘they haven’t paid it yet’ as an excuse. Get onto the tenant straight away, find out why, and arrange an alternative date if they can’t pay now. When going back to your landlord make sure you have an answer for them because just saying ‘not yet paid’ gets real boring real quick.


Now if you have landlords that manage the properties themselves, this doesn’t apply to you. If you manage their properties then make sure, you deal with any repairs ASAP, the last thing you want, is to inform the landlord that you ignored a problem and now it is going to cost them even more money. With the new amendments to the Deregulation Bill, all property managers will have to answer a written repair request within 14 days of receiving it. This means you need an efficient system in place.


Don’t be afraid to give your landlord a quick ring, you need to know if they’re happy with your service and by contacting them it shows you care.


Having a clear, concise and detailed inventory is probably the biggest money saver for landlords. It will outline what is in the property and what condition each feature is in. When it comes to tenants leaving the property this will be a major asset to making precise deductions from the tenants deposit.

So, these are our top 4 points on keeping landlords happy. Do you agree? Disagree? Have any different strategies?

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