Choosing the Right Social Media Platform as Twitter for Your Small Business

One size does not fit all

Good advertising skills don’t exactly mean you would have had to earn a bachelor’s degree on the subject, however, it does require a knowledge of the different platforms that are out there in social media. Your Twitter followers will get stronger and bring some profit in future. It is fairly and mutually understood that Twitter is among the most popular platform for small business promotion. A platform quite literally offers its users the world, as anyone living in it can view posts and pictures, even if they are not a member of the site.

There is a score of ways to promote your small business using social media. The key to success in doing so is to know your business well enough to select the platform that might be best for hosting it. One can buy Twitter followers and engagement rate with smart taking into consideration all the important factors.

Twitter’s approach to marketing is simply taking the old-fashioned concept of advertising via word of mouth and placing it on a much larger scale.

However, should you want to scale the number of potential customers back, they also feature what they call “automated programming interface”, API, a tool that enables the user to lessen the number of clients or customers they serve just a wee bit, so the business isn’t overwhelmed by a mob. This feature would also be useful in determining the demographics of the business owner, should they sell directly from home as well.

Cutting Costs

Of course, the main concern for many small business owners is cost, and rightfully so. If you run a small business then you are aware and probably even have the same concerns of keeping to a very tight budget. Fortunately, with social media platforms as your guide in marketing; you’re already ahead of the game since this form of business promotion is generally more cost-effective than more traditional forms of advertising. Some methods won’t cost anything additional at all, depending on how you use the platform.

For local businesses, such as coffee shops, consignment vendors, spa owners, etc.; wishing to draw nearby clientele; Twitter can set you up with a free profile, providing you with the business’s location, listing the hours of operation and directions, business phone information, and a website placement option. Users are also free to post photographs of their business and create a description of services, as well as the option for using other features in the listing.

The Professional Look

For those running intangible business services, like freelancers; the Twitter community has a pretty easy set-up for business promotion. Creating a business profile on this site is also free of charge unless you choose to take their premium package, which offers the user more options, of course, however, a simple profile does indeed attract interested parties to your business, in time without going that extra step. There is added responsibility in creating a profile with this brand, however, as it requires constant maintenance on the business owner’s behalf.

This is a platform that stays on task with the ever-changing business world, and therefore, the user should be prepared to keep the company and service updated on at least a weekly basis.

Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking. Internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Social Media. Writes about UK property prices, housing, politics and affordable homes.

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