Elevate Your Event Space With A Rooftop Bar

In the highly competitive world of event planning, you need to stand out from the rest with innovative and creative themes. Nowadays, every event is a place for industry experts to showcase their talent, ingenuity, and creativity. One common thing that has become a must, in any event, is a cocktail session or a meet and greet opportunity. To achieve this, most people are looking for fun ways to transform their events into the talk of the town. One way to elevate your event and create a memorable ambience is by having a rooftop bar.

Why Choose a Rooftop Bar to Host Your Event
There are several perks of choosing a venue with a rooftop bar for your next event. Some of the benefits include:

  • Onsite cocktail reception – Cocktail parties are perfect icebreakers for any event. The ambience present in a cocktail bar helps guests relax and mingle easily. If the event is a conference or a meeting, guests can simply hop into the elevator and head for rooftop without worrying about cabs or transportation to the cocktail venue.
  • Easy mingling – Your guests will love the convenience of a rooftop bar. They will also rave about it for days since it will have provided an easy and convenient way to have fun during the event.
  • Perfect for a summer event – For events that are in modern cities, say an NYC rooftop venue, the scene is usually an ideal way to spend a summer evening. So, if your event is between May and early October, a rooftop theme is a great idea.

How To Hold an Event at a Rooftop Bar
There are several things that you need to keep in mind as you choose to hold your event in a rooftop bar. Here’s how to do it:

  • Consider the weather – When planning an event to be held at the rooftop, you need to factor in the season. Sometimes, during the rainy season, it’s not wise to embrace such a theme since the skies can open up anytime. For extremely sunny days, you may need to invest in umbrellas to shield the guests from harmful sun rays.
  • Make it picturesque – Most rooftop venues have a scenic view especially on a warm summer afternoon or at dusk. However, you can add some elegant twist to the space and making insta-worthy Let’s face it – people love posting on their social media accounts and it wouldn’t hurt to ensure the selfies and endless pics are heavenly. Better yet, it will be a free way to market your venue as guests tag it on their posts.
  • Make the rooftop accessible to all – In most cases, people need to use the stairway to access the rooftop. However, the event may have elderly people and those with disabilities. In such cases, it’s important to have the information in advance and plan accordingly. Ensure that the venue has elevators and is easily accessible to all. To speed up service times we recommend calculating the cost of a dumbwaiter lift and a lift installation – no one wants slow service or to walk up and down stairs after a few drinks!
  • Endless decorations – Experiment as much as you can with designs and decorations on the rooftop space. You can have hanging lanterns, lush greenery to create a Caribbean theme, or have outdoor games for a classic feel. In case there’s a huge wall, you can have a projector and host a movie night.
  • Have the right furniture – Since the rooftop is an open space, ensure the event has outdoor furniture. Patio seats are great with some throws. Better yet, have tables with no seats which helps the crowd remain lively.
  • Stock the bar – If space allows, the rooftop bar can have a kitchen to prevent the staff from having to fetch food from below. The bartender needs to have all the mixers, drinks, and cups at the rooftop bar. Having everything nearby ensures the counter isn’t left unattended when things get busy.
  • Anchor items – At times, wind may blow out of nowhere which may knock off some items and spill drinks. Instead of getting frustrated with the wind, anchor stuff like seat cushions and opt for thick clothes rather than napkins.
  • Check licenses – As an event planner, ensure that the rooftop bar has the necessary licenses and permits to host your event. Clearly mark the area with signs which will help prevent bad behavior from the guests. Sometimes, event insurance may be necessary to cater to any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Security – Depending on the space available, you can place security guards at strategic points on the roof. It will ensure everything runs smoothly and prevents such things as fights and falls which may be fatal at the event.

All in all, rooftop events are a growing trend, especially in major cities. As an event planner, embrace the rooftop season and give your guests a memorable time. Don’t let summer pass you by without having hosted a rooftop event. It will leave your guests with something to remember for many days to come.

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