Are Estate Agency Marketing Depts just Brand Police?

Written by Christopher Watkin on - Estate Agent Talk -

Do you feel your marketing dept of your estate agency is really there to police the correct font and pantone colour of your estate agency? I talk to many estate agents, and at least 4 out of five of them say exactly that.

Don’t blame them – it’s not their fault .. feel sorry for them as the big wigs have set their agenda

80% of estate agency marketing depts are run by company marketing manual followers, busy-body font police, note taking, adheres to the exact letter of law officials fearful for their jobs as their bosses ask them to do things that frankly dont count or work

The problem is that the company marketing dept manual following font police is that are in pain.

They’re in pain because they’re stressed, overlooked, underpaid, unloved and fearful for their jobs.

In our 21st century changing world, people are stressed and harassed. In these times of flux and change, the very last people you need on your team, especially the marketing team, the guys tasked with spreading your agencies message to get you guys more listings and free vals are company marketing manual followers, who slavishly adhere to the exact letter of font and brand law.

Instead, what the world needs, what your estate and lettings agency needs is original, thought provoking, forward thinking people who are allowed to CARE… be more human in their marketing .. to produce marketing that works

In my own naïve way, if I were the CEO of a large estate /lettings agency brand, who was finding it tough, I would be doing something different .. I would be sending decision making, power and responsibility down the chain instead of up as the case seems to be in many big estate agents

Allow these marketers to risk making a human connection, take ownership and accountability, be passionate change makers willing to be shunned if it is necessary for them to make a point instead of the current blame excuses and denial

Every estate and letting agency needs a marketing person who can bring it together and make a difference. Most estate and letting agency companies haven’t understood this yet, or haven’t expressed it, but we need real people passionate about people ….

It’s the people in our agencies that are difference .. not the size of font or its Pantone colour

So instead getting the marketing team to be the brand police… leave them to get on with the job they are good at  … marketing.

Your Marketing Dept are full of gifted people with and will have the gift for finding the answer, a new connection, or a new way of getting things done to get you landlords and vendors, new listings and new instructions you deserve …

…and to help you on your way .. let me show you what some enlightened marketing departments have been allowed to do by enlighted CEO’s

Derby Agent

Docklands Agent

Lancaster Agent

Cardiff Agent

Author: Christopher Watkin

I teach, guide, support, mentor, consult, counsel, partner many hundreds of UK Estate and Letting Agents in their quest to grow their estate and lettings agencies business.

Old school techniques of touting, landlords wanted leaflets, ring us for a free valuation, we have sold this in your street leaflets don't work anymore. There are too many competitor agents .. meaning cheap fees are epidemic, overvaluing is almost a norm to get the stock and don’t even mention about the online/hybrid threat.

So a few years ago, I set about looking around the UK and spotted that certain agents (not many mind you) in certain towns were still seen as the ‘go to person on property’, the person the newspaper editor rang up every week for a comment and I looked at what they did and they were doing some thing quite remarkable…. Only one thing but they were doing it so well .. and reaping the reward in terms of decent listings and decent fees, happy staff, decent sales pipeline and exchange income, managed lettings portfolios in the many hundreds .. but more importantly, they really enjoyed the job… they enjoyed getting up in the morning and people looked up to them

Over 400 agents around the UK are on a mission to change the way our Estate and Lettings agency profession is perceived and looked upon, doing it town by town, city by city. I guide these 400 agents, teach them, mentor them and support them to be seen in a different light, to be seen as the ‘go to person for property’, actually be the ‘local property expert’ and prove it.

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