Reasons to Add Solar Panels to The Home!

After the pandemic happened, many people have found themselves in predicaments they never thought possible. Many that thought they had stable jobs with promises of great things, have found themselves out of work. The truth is no one could foresee what would happen, and how long it would last, the Covid-19 virus devastated many businesses and jobs equally.

The many businesses that did thrive, and see a profitable turnaround, were online sales. People took to pushing their business online to the maximum, shops offering delivery services, takeaway services went through the roof, however, what many people did not realize was house sales also thrived.

Estate agents have found themselves utilizing digital marketing to showcase the latest homes on offer. This came in several ways: people downsizing the family home as they could no longer afford it or moving in with relatives and leasing the property they own for a rental income. The truth is that one man’s loss is another man’s gain.

The Advantages some houses Have over others

While some homes and apartments ooze character sometimes it takes more than that to make someone want to purchase. Homes are something that people consider many factors when purchasing, for instance, school catchment areas, hospitals, job availability, and so forth. The one thing many do take into consideration especially when purchasing as an investment is if the property can produce extra income.

While some landlords will purchase homes that can be separated into flats and have a great rental value, student accommodation, or even extension builds, there is also one thing that is sure to guarantee an added income from the get-go. Solar panels.

If a home can earn you an extra income when you move into it, what is there not to love? While people are always looking for ways to earn some extra income there are some opportunities to do so without getting a massive tax bill. If you are purchasing a dwelling to live in, and it already has solar panels installed, this will turn an income to your bank balance straight away. The purchase price will be higher, however, this can be recouped.

Why install Solar Panels into a Home?

Solar panels used to be something of a great expense that many were not so keen to install into their homes. With the world becoming more eco-friendly, and people trying to live sustainable lives, this is now a thing of the past. Some people are refusing to move into homes without high-quality solar panels installed already. Housing developers, whether they are for public or private houses, are installing these into new builds now without query.

Why? The reason these are being installed in almost all new builds for the public sector is to make the councils that are providing cut-price housing profit. So, with the reduced rent that is paid for the property, they can still make extra money from the electricity used. So while you are getting the benefit of subsidized housing to help with the financial needs of your family, the electricity that is being used is earning a monthly profit. That’s why it is essential for housing associations to already have these installed.

For the private home, you are going to be getting your electricity for more or less nothing. When your solar panels are working the best in the height of the summer when the cold and dark winter months arrive you will reap the benefits. This is also hugely helping the environment, by using the sun’s rays to directly provide energy to your home.

Are solar panels Suitable for All homes?

Unfortunately no, solar panels need to be installed into a roof, and not all are suitable. However, if you are interested in having solar panels installed it is not as difficult as it once was in finding out if this is even possible. When solar panels first started being installed into homes, it was a very rare trade for someone to be in, and it was not common to be able to find someone to help advise you correctly.

Nowadays with the solar power business growth, and not just on homes, it is more readily available to install and the quality has improved. One way to find help is to look online, find a suitable, good, and reputable company and ask for their advice. They will have online catalogs for you to browse at your convenience, they will also have members of staff ready to answer any questions you may have.

This may lead to the point where you feel confident in your decision to have one installed. This is when you will need the specialist installer to come out and let you know if your roof is deemed suitable to do so. The specialist will not only look at if you have the correct amount of area in space that will be needed, but they will also be checking to see if your tiles, roof timbers are sturdy and strong enough to take the structure.

Why people are opting for Sustainable Housing

Not only as a society are people becoming more aware of the environment, but they are also becoming aware of the purse they hold and how important it is to save for a rainy day. People everywhere are doing their best to provide for their families in the best way possible, it is becoming increasingly difficult with the lack of jobs available.

People are opting to use water barrels in gardens to water flowers, and grow their vegetables to help cut the cost with food price increases. Those without gardens are using the space readily available whether it is communal or private window boxes it seems everyone is trying to do something to help the environment. Even businesses are following suit, opting for book corners for swapping books or selling the local farms jams, jars of honey, and farm eggs. As a society, the home is where it is starting but is spilling out into every inch of the town’s residences.

It seems everyone wants to live in a town that is trying to take care of each other, pushing for local businesses and not franchises or chains to be used. Supporting each other will provide more local jobs as well as seeing communities pulling together. Which in turn ups the value of house prices making your area a great catchment area to buy or rent in.


All over the world, people are trying to stop the damage to the environment. If you can add a little bit of extra income to the family earnings then it seems people are winning. Looking for ways to improve your family’s way of life especially if you are looking to invest but do not quite know-how, adding solar power to your home is a sure way to keep your money safe. Producing a ready income and not devaluing your home.

Look for reliable companies that do not rush you into giving you their opinion if this is workable for your home. Ring estate agents in your area, see what turnaround they have on homes that have solar panels near you, and look into the valuation of the homes. Have they increased? Or stayed the same? or devalued? Even if your roof is not structurally strong enough but you were fixing this issue, will it benefit you long term to add your family to start the eco-friendly journey while making some money!


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