Self help Conference for 200 Letting Agents Sells out in 4 days

Written by Christopher Walkey on - Letting Agent Talk -

A conference organised by letting agents for letting agents was launched to inspire, guide, support and educate letting agents interested in growing their letting (and estate) agency businesses.

The one-day event, which is sponsored by FixFlo and other leading firms, is taking place on the 16th November 2016 in Doncaster and will include talks and panel discussions, as well as an education-focused business generation day.

The conference has been organised by Christopher Watkin and Sanjay Gandhi, sold out in 4 days and attracted 200 letting agents from around the UK.

Speaking about Conference, Christopher said:  “This is the Fourth Conference we have had in the last 18 months. A couple of years ago, after chatting with some letting agents around a table at a local wine bar (often the best place to make plans), we came to the conclusion that the other conferences and events that letting agents could go to were very expensive and didn’t offer the letting agent anything new. We all wanted to put something back into the industry, to help our fellow agent in the next town up the road, so they didn’t make the same mistakes we did.

The first three conferences were held in Grantham, the last being in the Summer of 2016 where 72 agents attended. It was then Christopher spoke to his friend Sanjay Gandhi, MD of Moss Properties in Doncaster.

Christopher went on to say,” Sanjay is one of the life’s givers. Off the back of these Conference’s, we started a Facebook group where over 500+ letting agents share 10+ posts a day on getting new business / new landlords for their lettings agency. Can you imagine 500+ letting agents helping each other? Giving their advice and opinion away for free’s amazing! One the Facebook groups greatest proponent has always been Sanjay, and he offered to help me organise the 4th conference in Doncaster. .. and that was where the name SANJFEST was born!

Sanjay said, “There will be a range of speakers at the conference, including John Cottrell (Voted Europe’s No.1 Executive Business Coach), the excellent Stephen Brown (Agency Mentors), the amazing Andrea Morgan (Citrus Content) and more importantly, fellow agents sharing their ideas which are making an impact in the areas of organically growing their lettings agency, as well as other industry experts and veterans. It is so brilliant that 200 letting agents want to come together to help each other. The ethos of the conference and the Facebook group (called LANDLORD FARMING CLUB) is that we are all human, we are social animals, and we like to help others as we all feel better when we help others. When I help others, they are more likely to help me. Helping others is part of “social capital”, our network of interdependence in a group of people.”

The next conference will be held in  Summer 2017.

If any letting agent wants to start helping and guiding others, then we extend the invitation to join the Facebook Group, and you can then join us on the next one and if you want to organise it – because Brianfest or Lucyfest has quite a ring to it!





Author: Christopher Walkey


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