BREAKING NEWS – top 5 stories 28/05/2021

POSSIBLY AS MUCH AS 7% OF PRS TENANTS UNABLE TO PAY THE RENT Although it remains to be seen as the evictions ban is still in force until Tuesday, a recent analysis has suggested that as many as 7% of those in the private rental sector of housing can not pay all or part of…

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BREAKING NEWS – top 5 stories 12/03/2021

Estate Agent Networking Breaking News

SAVILLS SEES PROFITS HIT Pre-tax profit fell by 28%, down to £96M from £115M, Savills are bullish about the coming year, but clearly there are clouds on the horizon with a raft of Nom-Dom taxes on the horizon from April. Clearly, they have a global brand, but in an uncertain world, financial liquidity is certainly…

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News update: Where we are with Estate Agent Networking.

Thought it was just the right time to give another little update to who we are and what we look to achieve at Estate Agent Networking. Firstly we would like to point out that the website started after our launch of the UK’s now largest estate agency group on LinkedIn which in itself is highly successful in bringing industry…

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