The Rise of Selling Property Without an Agent to Make More Profit.

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For sale by owner, or FSBO, is when a homeowner sells their property minus a third party like a real estate broker or agent. There is a bevy of online listing companies where homeowners can market their property, and many of these services are for free. The biggest advantage to FSBO is avoiding a commission that would otherwise go to the agent. Homeowners representing themselves can save a substantial sum by selecting the FSBO method.

FSBO is not a new concept. Direct “for sale by owner,” with no real estate agent involved and no one being paid a commission, is more money in the pocket of the homeowner. After all, if a property owner can get £600,000 selling their home and possibly save around £36,000, there’s nothing wrong with that! In today’s marketplace, such a transaction can mean the difference between a profit and a loss.

“Selling your own home is very popular with many people house flipping for profit and taling renovations on themselves and starting property businesses. This is a growing trend amongst millennials as well and with the advert of more eco buildings and ethically conscious people it will continue. In short you can make more profit and people enjoy taking care of everything.” – Property Experts who have a great Bridging Loans Calculator to work out your R.I.O from taking a loan.

By law, all property sales must be monitored and managed by an independent solicitor whose job is to act as the go-between and hold the buyer’s funds until the purchase has been completed.

Though the process seems to be to the homeowner’s advantage, some people feel intimidated by the whole thing and prefer to hire a real estate agent. It’s solely up to the homeowner. Here are a few suggestions for those thinking about using the FSBO process.

Get the Right Price

There is no reason why you can’t corner the pricing market yourself if you do your homework.

Know Your Power

In today’s difficult market, buyers are extremely sensitive to price. However, because you are a FSBO seller, you can propose a more competitive price than agents since there is no commission involved.

Flat-Fee Multiple Listing Service

Take advantage of a flat-fee MLS to attract more prospective buyers.

Sponge Off the Competition

Be attentive to what the real estate agents are doing in your neighborhood. If you see an agent having an open house, stick your “for sale by owner” sign on your lawn and have an open house at the same time!

Be Unique

Being a free agent will require some skill on your part. Try to do things a bit differently to make your home more noticeable or to entice your potential buyer. Some FSBO sellers have offered buyers gift cards, appliances, or flat-screen TVs.

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