5 Power Tips for Killer Blog Writing Results

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The internet is a busy old virtual world from websites to Tweets, where ever you turn it is crowded and you have to work harder than ever to make sure you get your content seen. Here are five simple yet highly effective tips for blog writing which will help you to increase your views and effectiveness / return on investment of your efforts:


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  • Attention Grabbing Title: In most cases the title will be always viewable and is what will grab peoples attention first. Make sure it is hard impacting and contains keywords. When you look at your emails you’ll see title of them over images and content, searching on Google then your keywords will be what is shown in the results and likewise for social media. It is important that your title really hits home in what the blog will contain or that it even sets enough curiosity in the readers mind or causes alarm / a chuckle / be in amongst trending themes and more. Simply read your title and be honest with yourself, would it tempt you to click on it and would it stand out from the crowd?

  • An image that stands out: Here I place nearly as equal importance alongside the title, it is the all important title image and the one that is likely to capture someones attention when scrolling through their social media updates etc. Here you need to be clever and think outside the box and use, as Monty Python would say, something completely different. I am always taking photos and usually take my camera whenever I am out and about, if I see something different then I take a photo of it – I have built up my own photo library of over 10,000 images now. We all know about the power of a photo so take time to choose the best, do not rely on a stock images that may have been used and seen many times before and if you need to edit the original image to make it more impacting then spend some time to do so!
  • Work on blog content: Once you have grabbed someones attention to your blog then you need to make sure that the content of the blog will carry on engaging them to at least spend time reading / scan reading your blog and ultimately arrive at a call to action such as clicking a link on the blog, leaving a comment or even carry on browsing your website by clicking on another blog / news item to read. Make sure the blog is neatly set out, if you can try not to have just big paragraphs of text as this may tempt someone to move away all too quickly as they are busy, try to involve the likes of quotes, bullet points, stats, internal blog images and more to break things up and enable someone to quickly overview your blog and pick out the pieces they need – Most people stumble across a blog as they are in need of something such as advice to a question they have. If you can, write a blog and then leave it for a few hours and then re-visit it to read it through thus making sure it is actually an engaging piece and to also eliminate any errors you may have made such as grammar / spelling.
  • Strategic Words: Make sure that you are SEO friendly and that your blog contains both keywords and phrases which will help your piece to be found across the internet to include appearing in search results via Google and on social media platforms.
  • Share: Once the blog is written then make sure you get it out there! The internet offers us many ways in which to share our content so if you can look at social media sharing and make sure your title is included, title blog image and at least a sentence or two (depending which platform you are sharing on) to entice the would be reader. Do not forget the likes of sharing it in newsletters, submitting it to other related news channels and also consider, depending on the theme of it, submitting it to print publications in case it is of interest – Many other websites / print publications are always hungry for great content so to do dismiss national / international media channels for your content to be sent to.


Author: Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn.


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