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CIELA again shrugs off sabre-rattling by PurpleBricks lawyers:

Written by Christopher Walkey on - Estate Agent Talk -

CIELA again shrugs off sabre-rattling by PurpleBricks lawyers, reiterates public request for substantiation of “completed sale” rate. In response to this Telegraph article, PurpleBricks’s lawyers have written to CIELA for a second time claiming that the statement by CIELA Founder Charlie Wright is defamatory. CIELA has today (Wednesday) responded (attached) to Norton Fulbright’s letter dismissing their letter […]

Estate Agent Talk

To hybrid or not to hybrid?

Written by Estate Agent Networking UK on - Estate Agent Talk -

That is the question many estate agents are facing a market place where purple… and the like are changing the landscape and the traditional agent is left with a declining market share and decreasing fees. Do we stick or spin? I made the decision to spin some time ago and whilst I believe it will […]

Estate Agent Talk

Should Estate Agents Blog?

Written by Sam Ashdown on - Estate Agent Talk -

Estate agents are busy people right now. Keeping valuation appointments coming in, organising viewings, sales progression, and generally keeping on top of 100+ emails every day and those niggling staff issues. And if all that were not enough, agents are also expected to be full-blown, expert marketers, as I highlighted in my recent blogpost. Now […]

Estate Agent Talk

Why Anthony Joshua would make a Champion Estate Agent

Written by Jerry Lyons on - Estate Agent Talk -

On Saturday night in front on 90,000 people in Wembley Stadium and millions watching on TV across the globe a new sporting mega star was born. Step forward the Heavyweight Champion of the World ………Anthony Joshua. In 11 pulsating rounds against a brave and brilliant challenger our AJ proved himself to be the real deal. […]

Estate Agent Talk

Who’s Your Pacemaker?

Written by Sam Ashdown on - Estate Agent Talk -

Do you ever watch the London Marathon or the Great North Run? I do, with a mixture of awe and guilt. Awe that so many people had taken on such a momentous challenge, of their own free will, and guilt, that I was enjoying the event from my sofa, while many people less fit than […]


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