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Estate Agent Talk

Managing client expectations

Managing client’s expectations

In late August 1988, when the world was young and I was a fearless negotiator, I was on the way to my first million, or ...
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Fit for Purpose

‘Fit for purpose?’

Like a vast sea washing out at low tide, Covid-19 has revealed a new shoreline where everything looks odd and different and is up for ...
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Tips when buying at property auctions

The Essential Steps to Selling a Property Quickly

Now more than ever, having a sound strategy when selling any property is crucial. Due to factors such as the volatility caused by lockdowns, demand ...
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When to Refinance Your Mortgage

Mortgage refinancing is about paying off a current loan and replacing it with a new one. Lots of homeowners choose to refinance due to the ...
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Rushi Sunak Furlough Scheme November 2020

Rishi Sunak to the rescue or simply painting over the cracks #FurloughScheme

Rishi Sunak's recent confirmation that he is going to extend the furlough scheme will for many be a life saving announcement in more ways than ...
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Getting it sold

We all know the property market has been buoyant to say the least over the past few of months following Lockdown 1.0, house prices have ...
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Are estate agents essential

Are Estate Agents really ‘Essential’?

This is not clickbait as I of course refer to the current climate of covid-19 and lock downs and questioning if the ladies and gentlemen ...
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Surge in country and seaside property values

3 Simple Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home For Sale

‘First impressions last’ is an adage that applies as much to selling your property as anything else, so if you want to capitalise on the ...
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Trump or Biden UK Property

Trump vs Biden and how that effects the UK Property Market

As two senior gentleman battle it out across the water to decide who will be in power of the United States of America come Tuesday, ...
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