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Home and Living

what is happening to house prices

5 Excellent Ways of Finding Student Accommodation, Temporary Property

When you enroll for higher learning, there are chances that you will need an accommodation, and property service. So, before settling in school, find a ...
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How COVID 19 After-Math Will Affect Student Accommodation

It is not a secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the education process. Because of this disease, leaners have been forced ...
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Working from home in 2021

10 Things you can do to make working from home easier

In the past there was only a handful of people that, most of us would say, were lucky enough to be able to work from ...
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Top Strategies on How to Build and Construct a House

Constructing a good house requires expertise and knowledge in building and construction. Moreover, there are other things involved during this process. These include getting a ...
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How to Buy a Property Essay through the Internet

The 21st century has witnessed innovations in information technology. During this period, experts on property management began to advertise their services through the internet. Furthermore, ...
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Tips when buying at property auctions

Finding a Good Hostel: Top Strategies of Writing a Property Essay on the Topic

Writing an essay that helps find a good hostel for a student is not challenging. But, the most important thing is to understand the contents ...
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Best Ways of Writing a Property Essay

Writing a property essay can prove a challenge to many students. The reason is that they may have limited skills in handling a complex paper. ...
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Movie homes

7 Movie Homes that are real and viewable on Google Maps

As many of us will get even more of a chance to sit around and enjoy some good old movies on the television over Christmas, ...
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Ring Doorbell Crime Statistics 2020

Does the Ring Door Bell help to reduce crime?

Home security is big business and a rapidly evolving one with new systems hitting the market frequently with forever updated and innovative ways in which ...
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