Meet our team

  • Andrew Stanton

    Executive Editor

    Andrew holds considerable experience within the UK property industry with a current focus on the growing sector of #proptech. A friendly and approachable professional and now holding the title of Executive Editor for Estate Agent Networking. CEO and Founder Proptech-PR. Proptech Real Estate Influencer, Analyst, Journalist. Leading PR consultancy in Proptech and Real Estate. Reach out to Andrew via and connect with him directly via LinkedIn.

  • Elle Wood

    Marketing Executive

    Elle is working closely with Estate Agent Networking with key marketing advice along with being the face of our live video interviews including #Wednesdayat1 and #EANBreakfast. Elle is a leading face in the sector with her key skills for helping estate agents and lettings agents attract more sellers and more landlords with digital marketing, training, and well-being support.

    Christopher Walkey

    Journalist and Founder

    Christopher is an award winning digital marketing specialist, founder of multiple industry news channels, successfully launched and sold start up companies and an experienced judge, guest speaker and journalist. He is founder of Estate Agent Networking having launched it in 2014.

    Christopher Watkin

    Journalist and Videographer

    Christopher Watkin is a welcome and respected face of the industry specialising in producing statistically heavy local property market reports, video and TV property market reports, printed and electronic local property market newsletters and newspaper articles for 130+ Chartered Surveyors, Letting Agents and Estate Agents around the UK. Christopher regularly shares his latest ‘industry video interviews’ on Estate Agent Networking.

    Jason Hawkins

    Web and Technical Advisor

    Jason is self taught web developer and server administrator backing up the teams web and email presence. Creator a number of web applications including an online voting platform for education and Estate Agent online marketing automation tools to boost their marketing and promotional efforts. Frequently found offering advice and guidance to Estate Agents on the best way to create and manage there Estate Agent web sites, emails and hosting.

    Oliver Walkey

    Social Media Manager

    Oliver works on the social media presence for Estate Agent Networking along with management of the leaderboards and sponsored content marketing posts. Oliver already has a substantial personal social media presence and focuses on product / service reviews for Estate Agent Networking and also for other key industry news channels.

Founded in 2014, Estate Agent Networking has one of the biggest active and target community of subscribers, readers and followers with over 100,000 in the UK Property Industry Sector.

A leading communication channel for Service Agencies globally to get in front of Estate / Letting Agents and Property Professionals across the UK and providing Estate / Letting Agents and Property Professionals with key daily breaking news and marketing content as well as Home / Living advice for consumers.

Estate Agent Networking is run my Marketme.TV Ltd Company number 07381902.

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  • A strong Target and Growing Social Media Community to share content.
  • full of industry professionals sharing daily marketing tips and solutions.
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The EstateAgentNetworking team include a multi-award winning group of business professionals.