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Commercial Agent Talk

footfall falls

UK retailers suffer ‘summer slump’ as footfall falls once again

Shoppers turned away from UK high streets in droves last month, as footfall plummeted to its worst June figures for seven years. Footfall across shopping ...
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Commercial Frontage Property

21% Fall in Commercial Sales value in Scotland

Reports released by the Scottish Property Federation (SPF) shows negative figures to the tune of a 21% drop in the value of commercial property sold ...
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Why Health and Safety Is Important When Renovating A Commercial Building

The construction industry is full of hazards. Because of the nature of the job, it is almost close to impossible not to have any danger ...
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Hand dryers vs. paper towels which one is more effective?

Hand dryers vs. paper towels which one is more effective? Hand Dryers or Paper Towel, what’s more effective? The answer is complicated, yet it’s necessary ...
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Five things you need to know before you hire a cherry picker

If you need to get high access either inside or outside of a property, one of the key pieces of access equipment you could use ...
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5 Best Flexible Offices In The North East

Flexible offices are a new trend in the North East, and have grown at a fast rate. Because the of increasing number of people who ...
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London’s office market in for a fall?

A recent article on the Financial Review website takes a look at the current situation for London offices and the forthcoming decision on Brexit - ...
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Commercial properties — 5 simple sales hacks

Selling a commercial property can sometimes be trickier than shifting residential real estate. Some of the same principles apply. But when you’re trying to convince ...
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Top Commercial Property Locations in the UK

Investing in commercial property is the perfect way of solidifying your position within the property industry. The benefit of commercial property is that it’s regularly ...
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