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How important is your Estate Agency Website when it comes to selling property online?

Written by Estate Agent Networking UK on - Marketing -

In nearly all occasions, the most important part of your business will be exposure online be it via social media, a fabulous website or even a landing page such as on Ebay or Amazon – We are all trying to push our brands online so that we can divert traffic to them and sell our […]


What a Marketing Funnel is, and Why You Need One

Written by Sam Ashdown on - Marketing -

NB: Read to the bottom for an offer you can’t refuse…… Your marketing acts like a funnel, or should do. The idea is, you put prospective clients – vendors and landlords – in the top, and sales – revenue; money in the bank – tumbles out the bottom. By its very nature, a funnel is […]


Social Media – how to use it to get your phone ringing

Written by Sam Ashdown on - Marketing -

“We’re spending £400 a month having our Facebook page managed; could you take a look and see if we’re doing the right thing?” I got this email from a Stoke estate agent and immediately popped onto her Facebook page to take a look. What I saw there literally made me face-palm… she only had 93 […]


A day in the life of a social savvy estate agent.

Written by Sam Ashdown on - Marketing -

When you go about your daily business as an estate agent, do you simply rush from morning meeting to viewings, viewings to valuation, valuation to the office, clear your inbox then clear off home? On your travels, in your everyday tasks, do you ever think about your social media accounts? Or is that “someone else’s […]


Your Facebook interests.

Written by Sam Ashdown on - Marketing -

Have you ever wondered why you seem to get random ads on Facebook in your newsfeed? You’re not alone. We all do. I get completely irrelevant adverts. Like catfood ads. (I have a dog.) Or pregnancy tests from Clearblue…. Buried deep inside the Facebook algorithm, are the interests Facebook think you have. Want to see […]


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