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Marketing must have’s estate agents need for 2018

Written by Jerry Lyons on - Marketing -

Hello Folks, Here’s a video on the four marketing must have’s estate agents need for 2018. I also unearth the phrase that makes me punch myself in the face when I hear it. The link to it is below.   Thanks for watching.


How do you engage with your Social Media audience?

Written by Nigel Stephens on - Marketing -

As someone who not only trains and mentors Estate Agents, I also run a franchise for a large, local, independent Estate Agent: Edward Mellor. Those that can do. Those who can’t teach. Those that know me, know that I embrace #PropTech especially when it frees an agent up to engage with their customers and I […]


Below is a blog which was my most widely read in 2017.

Written by Jerry Lyons on - Marketing -

When it went online it had more hits than The Beatles, Elvis, Beyoncé and Sir Cliff Richard combined (it’s getting near Christmas I can mention Sir Cliff surely?). It had the highest open rate of any of my emails sent to my estate agent database. And it got shared on social media more than any […]


Failing Estate Agents

Written by Christopher Watkin on - Marketing -

Estate agents .. not following this golden rule is one of biggest reasons why many estate agents are failing at their marketing and social media


Content Marketing – Advice for Estate Agents

Written by Estate Agent Networking UK on - Marketing -

Content Marketing is a very broad term and there is no one formula which will suit all types of business. Content which is suitable for a business to business relationship, for instance, is very different to content which is better for a business to customer relationship. As content marketing professionals we have to adapt what […]


What makes your agency SO special?

Written by Jerry Lyons on - Marketing -

We have a problem in the UK. You may be suffering from it right now. I know I did, and still do sometimes. But not that often thankfully. See over here in the currently rather dis-United Kingdom we’re not very good at saying how good / great we are. And estate agents for all the […]


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