Industry Interviews

Interviews with varied professionals within the UK Property, Estate and Letting Agency industry.

Industry Interviews

The Richard Rawlings Story

Written by Christopher Watkin on - Industry Interviews -

The Story of one the UK’s, if not World’s Top Estate Agency Thought Leaders, Gurus and Coaches ..what his adopted, adapted and improved to help Estate Agents over the world get higher fees, higher listings, higher commissions and a happier life

Industry Interviews

Sam Singh, Founder of Triplerr – How will Brexit effect UK House Prices?

Written by Estate Agent Networking UK on - Industry Interviews -

“The UK’s housing market is important due to the significant volume of capital investment it receives, not to mention the huge interest there is among prospective buyers. My prediction is that the uncertainty of Brexit, as the UK shifts to become an independent market, will deter foreign investors which make up a big chunk of […]

Industry Interviews

The UK Housing situation – I ask Janice Atkinson MEP

Written by Christopher Walkey on - Industry Interviews -

I totally get that the Brexit vote has caused a great divide throughout the country, that some are pro immigration and others want closed borders, some love Nigel Farage and others absolutely loathe him, but in the middle of all this Leave or Remain debate where exactly are we with UK housing today? London property […]


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You have been a name in the industry for a number of years now, has there been a big change in the way that we

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I asked Diarmid Sloan of Rentpro a series of questions: How much focus do you place on enabling a seamless user experience for your software with maximised