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Estate Agent Talk

Stamp duty sums see sharp increase in Q3

The latest Gov figures on stamp duty tax receipts show that: - Transactions increased by 14% from 268,400 in Q2 2019 to 305,100 in Q3 ...
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Cigarettes, cars and uni fees – the only things to outstrip rental growth this Millennium

Rental price growth has outstripped many of life’s day-to-day costs, like bread, eggs and fuel, research from online letting agent Howsy has revealed. The cost ...
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Brexit blues price drops and agent fees costing home sellers thousands on their sale – here are the most expensive areas

The latest research by estate agent comparison website,, has revealed the true cost of selling your home in current market conditions and the numbers ...
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Time to sell hits 3 year high across UK cities according to the Hometrack Cities Index

The latest Hometrack Cities Index shows that: - UK city house price inflation is +2.4%, half the average growth rate over the last 5 years ...
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Renovating can cost UK homeowners £68k less than upsizing to a bigger home

Research by tradesperson comparison site,, has looked at where across the nation homeowners are better of buying in order to upsize and where it’s ...
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Grand designs

Will You Get Fair Market Value During An Eminent Domain Case?

The worst thing a homeowner can hear is that the government needs to condemn their property for an Eminent Domain case. All the memories and ...
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new build homes essex uk

New build figures at their best since Enya & Kylie topped the charts but worrying devil in the ‘home start’ detail

The latest figures on new build housing data have just been released by the ONS showing the number of new build homes to be started ...
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Mortgage figures continue to fuel market and exceed forecasted levels for September

Founder and CEO of, Colby Short, commented: “A number of industry-wide indicators have shown that there continues to be plenty of activity from the ...
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Looking to Start Your Own Business? Here’s How to Get the Perfect Building

Looking for a building to start your business? First, educate yourself on what goes into renting a building. It's a bit complicated, but your process ...
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