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Estate Agent Talk

Surge in country and seaside property values

3 Simple Tips For Sprucing Up Your Home For Sale

‘First impressions last’ is an adage that applies as much to selling your property as anything else, so if you want to capitalise on the ...
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Trump or Biden UK Property

Trump vs Biden and how that effects the UK Property Market

As two senior gentleman battle it out across the water to decide who will be in power of the United States of America come Tuesday, ...
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Estate Agency during covid19

Can your Estate Agency survive future Lock Downs?

Following the latest news coming out from Wales today where another lock down will be happening, have you put in to practice enough survival techniques ...
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Clacton on Sea 2020

Sticks, Seaside and Scotland – Property Hotspots

The UK housing market has said to have remained steady during covid-19 even when a full lock-down hit the country. Many suggested a fall in ...
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Delegate To Accumulate – 5 Online Partners For Your Estate Agency

Real estate is a highly competitive business so setting up a new firm requires diligence, determination, a whole lot of faith in your own expertise ...
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2021 Property market

Housing bubble to burst in 2021. Or will it???

Some say that we have had a mini boom this year in house price values across the country. Despite a global economical tragedy in the ...
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Reasons you may sell your house for cash

Like other homeowners, you can also think about listing your home on the market for sale. While this is the traditional method, you can get ...
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Tips when buying at property auctions

Top Benefits of Selling Your House to a Property Buying Firm

These days, some homeowners sell their homes through property-buying firms for various reasons. These include relocation to another state, debt consolidation, medical costs, divorce, and ...
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Buying Established Homes vs. Buying Land: Three Pros and Cons of Each

Many people struggle with the debate of whether they should buy land or an established home when they are ready to settle down and find ...
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