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Estate Agent Talk

Imagine There Is No Real Estate Industry It Is Easy If You Try

To paraphrase John Lennon who was singing about world peace … Imagine, go on just imagine, that it is 2021 and real estate in all ...
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Digital Identities – Government Publishes Draft Rules

Having been deeply interested in the need for a defined digital ‘truth’ around ID, especially in the real estate vertical, it is great to see ...
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Rightmove, Making All The Wrong Moves …

£100 to £140 a month as a baseline increase in the Rightmove charges per branch. If you do the mathematics is taking an average £120 ...
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Why do Chancellors Tamper with Property Taxation

Why do Chancellors Tamper with Property Taxation?

At present we are seven weeks away from, yet another government led housing market Armageddon, in over 35 years in the property industry I have ...
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Homes for sale Calgary SW – Points to consider when you are buying an old house

When you decide to purchase an old house, it will bring a certain charm to your life. It would help if you also became aware ...
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Ring Doorbell Crime Statistics 2020

Top Tips for Embracing Home Automation

New technology is emerging all the time, and there are so many new products on the market so navigating the home automation sector can be ...
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Rightmove tells Agents 'Let them eat Cake'

Rightmove tells Agents ‘Let them eat Cake’

Estate agents trading from premises with locked doors or from home are being hit with large new demands from Rightmove, as they have increased their ...
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What Should You Do With Renovation Waste?

Whenever you think of renovating your home, you will have to deal with the leftovers once the work is done. How are you going to ...
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What does Connells strategic partnership with ZPG mean

What does Connells strategic partnership with ZPG mean?

It has just been announced that Connells, which may double in size if it absorbs Countrywide has created a deeper tie with the Zoopla portal ...
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