Blog writing – How to get past writer’s block:

I have been quite amazed at the recent, certainly during 2015, surge in interest from Estate Agencies searching for content to share online, either to populate their social media channels or simply to include within the latest blog on their website. I have spoken to quite a few who have asked for recommendations of subjects to write about and I have seen many new marketing companies starting up solely offering blog writing services.

Businesses are seeing the true value behind having quality content to share on a regular basis in order to attract the attention of online users who may well turn into clients. For Estate Agents, the wealth of topics they can explore is somewhat endless and tackled correctly, could really help some to stamp their authority locally or within a certain topic that the public holds great interest in.

By writing quality content that is unique, ie yourself or an outsourced agency has created that content specifically to share on your website/social media accounts, you are building a database of information online that is increasing the chances of you being found either directly via a search such as on Google or indirectly by others seeing your content possibly shared across Twitter etc.

If we combine blog content with social media then we have a lethal marketing tool.  These two marketing methods work perfectly together to help build an audience and drive website traffic your way, in fact I would say that currently these two combined are the best kind of online marketing there currently is and I am talking from actual experience in the success of the online concepts I run over purely picking out stats found online.

If you imagine a consumer searches online or searches social media for a topic such as Internal Oak Doors and in the recent past you have decided to write a blog on that exact topic and how adding Internal Oak Doors to properties can increase it’s value, then it is highly likely that the reader will look to choose to read your blog over even industry suppliers content. If you can add a blog and especially within the title, deal with two subjects, ideally a question and an answer if the blog is read, then you will find that your blogs will gain better readership over standard web pages / blogs that are merely trying to sell something. If you can look to share that blog across social media, especially with a very catchy image, then we are looking at taking things to a viral level within the target audience you are looking to attract.

  • Choosing a subject relevant to the audience you are seeking to attract: Blog Internal Oak Doors.
  • Correctly titled ‘Choosing the best Internal Oak Doors for your style of property and increasing it’s value in Essex‘.
  • Find the best image to further increase chances of the blogs being seen and read.
  • Share across Social Media.

If you are stuck for ideas on what to write about, as you know you can not simply theme blogs on buying your property listings, then think along these lines:

  • Check Google and type in common questions asked when buying property, ie Difference between leasehold and freehold or How much is my house worth.
  • Think property presentation, home staging, interior designing, garden design, colour schemes and more.
  • Explain Energy Performance Certificates, Mortgages, Tips on packing up your home, Advice on pets when selling a home, choosing the best school locally etc.
  • Basic advice on plumbing, repairing squeaky floorboards, best lighting to sell your home, can the right smell help to sell your home, £500 makeover for you home etc.
  • The history of property locally (in your region), house prices locally, The best places to buy locally, how to find a local good tenant, gas safety certificates explained.

The list is endless in what you can write about though I do suggest you think about choosing a certain theme and become known for it online, that name that people choose to read from, the place which is easily found when searched for on Google or via social media.


Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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