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New Build for Merseyside

How to Market New Builds

A lot of estate agents think that new build developments will practically sell themselves, and sometimes this is not a far off the mark assumption ...
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building a brand in easy steps

Easy Steps for Building yourself a Brand – Let’s get started:

In today's world we have brands all around us, each and every item we use from coffee in the morning to wake us up to ...
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Revpanda: Digital Marketing Agency for Real Estate Companies

As the real estate business continues to boom, the demand for residential and commercial properties will only increase soon. With the demand for real estate ...
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How Estate Agents Can Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional online network. It has over 7.5 million members from more than 200 countries. An ad on this social media ...
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How To Create A Business Card Website For Your Business Adapted For All Devices

Technology has changed how businesses communicate with each other. Although written communication is increasingly becoming paperless with the use of emails, one aspect of the ...
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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing – Valuable or merely Vanity?

It's arguably a growing trend across many business sectors, the adoption in some form of influencer marketing. For many years it has been used, from ...
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Facebook Groups for Estate Agents

How to use Facebook Groups in Estate Agency

Despite what your feelings are towards social media, here we focus on Facebook, be it you use such platforms yourself or not, we surely must ...
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Facebook Post Estate Agency

Your ‘selling’ is getting very boring…

Having set up, failed at, sold on, succeeded and much more with the businesses I have created over the last few years I can fully ...
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How to improve your property photography

At Blades Media we have been professionally photographing properties for over 3 years and currently have over 200 properties under our belt from HMO’s to ...
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