Content writing for Estate & Letting Agents

The importance of being found online is increasing. We all knew that the internet would evolve to become something special though little did we realise how big a part of our lives in now plays.

Business relies on the internet, most sectors will be driving most of the new clients enquiries and sales thanks to the likes of websites, social media, email and more of the communications channels that rely on the WWW (World Wide Web).

How to increase your online presence as an Estate Agent:

The beauty of the internet is that most of the traffic we can generate from it will be relatively low costing and mostly just requiring of our time. Two big factors that can increase your business online is content and social media. Why is that you may ask?

Ten Top Tips for Content Writing as an Estate Agent.

Consumers that you are looking to target will have access to the internet from their mobile phones to their laptops at home. Most times consumers will refer to the internet for advice, information, feedback and unsurprisingly also for many purchases. Many will spend leisure time on the internet with property a very popular theme that they spend time on.

Estate agents will know the power of Rightmove and this being an online concept – Consumers driven to the platform when looking for homes and this lead generating concept simply passes on the enquiries… Add to that these days Zoopla, On The Market and many other smaller portals.

To be seen online you need to have content. When consumers are seeking advice and information you need to place yourself in front of them and especially if what they seek is local to you, ie ‘advice on house prices in Birmingham‘ or ‘public schools in Oxford‘. By generating and distributing content online, such as blogs / articles / info-graphics / videos and especially if they have a demographic element then you are increasing the chances of being found by a target audience.

Interested in having content written uniquely for your estate agency?

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All content you produce needs to be given as much opportunity to be found.

When you have fresh and unique content you need to distribute it online. This can be via your own agency website or your social media channels / email database. Make sure what you produce is shared.

With Estate Agent Networking, there is now a community of over 100,000 that we share your content with.