Five home upgrades that can really pay off

valuable rooms

Almost half of Brits plan to give their home a makeover in the next year and they will spend an average of £3,342 on these projects. But not all these jobs will add value to their homes. If you would like to boost your property’s value, make sure these home upgrades are on your to-do…

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How safe is your home?

Keeping your home and family safe is one of the things which you strive for in life. But sometimes when you move to a new area, it can be a bit daunting knowing how to keep your home safe. There is always talk around your local neighbourhood or street about crime and that can make…

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Japanese Knotweed – What are the dangers?

Japanese Knotweed might not be something which you have heard of before. For the people that don’t know, it is a pretty, red stemmed plant which has deep green leaves. It may look pretty but unfortunately it can cause you a lot of trouble. The reason it can cause a threat is because it grows…

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