10 Easy Tips to Help You Prepare Your Home for A Quick Sale 

When it comes to impressing prospective house buyers, you’ve only got a small window of opportunity.

Buyers take more time choosing a new mobile phone than to buying a house.

From the moment they start looking at your listing online to when they attend a viewing, you’ll have seconds to get their attention.

So, it’s vital you ensure your home looks appealing. 

If you’re in a hurry, maybe you’re selling your home to relocate or emigrate and your sellers don’t want to waityou need to do everything to secure a buyer quickly.

If you want to impress your buyers and make your property stand out from the competition, follow these ten easy tips.

  1. Create space 

The quick and easiest way to make your home feel bigger is to remove unwanted furniture and declutter cupboards and shelves. Hire a storage unit or borrow a friend’s loft or shed to store your belongings. 

  1. Use a neutral palette 

Just steer clear of bright colours. Whether it’s an accent wall or a loudly coloured carpetget rid of it. Instead, stick to neutral earthy on-trend shades for both walls and soft furnishings.

  1. Create a homely feel

You don’t want your home to feel too much like a sterile showroom. Yet. at the same time, presenting a well-lived in a property that screams ‘you’ might be too much for some buyers. The aim is to strike a balance between the two. Your home should be immaculately clean but feel warm and welcoming. Fresh flowers are a great way to liven up a room. Also, use textures like woollen blankets on sofas and bamboo rugs in corridors and the kitchen. Style surfaces with plants or a decorative bowl. 

  1. Highlight the best features 

If you have beautiful hardwood flooring or a well-maintained fireplace, make sure to show it off. Prospective buyers should notice the feature immediately upon entering a room. So, move furniture out of the way, remove bulky curtains and make space. 

  1. Get your curb appeal right

Make sure you tidy up your driveway and front gardenafter all this is the first thing your prospective buyers will see. Add plants or a hanging basket to make the front of your house look more welcoming and appealing. Make sure any rubbish is hidden away. Don’t forget to ensure your apartment or house number is clearly visible.

  1. Finish all DIY jobs 

Common culprits are dripping taps, squeaky doors, mouldy grout in the bathroom, cracked tiles or broken glass. Don’t leave any unfinished jobs as buyers will notice them and it will leave them wondering what else isn’t working.

  1. Depersonalise 

Put away your precious family photographs, hide the kid’s toys and remove chintzy ornaments or any other personal memorabilia. Instead, put up one or two pieces of artwork on the walls. Also, add mirrors, which will make the space appear bigger than it is.

  1. Stage furniture 

First of all, return each room to its original purpose. So, if you’ve got a treadmill set up in the living room, move it. Or, if you’ve turned a spare bedroom into an extra closet space. Curate your furniture to give buyers an idea how they can use the space.

  1. Increase natural light 

Light is so important. So, if your property doesn’t get much natural light, invest in extra electrical lighting. Another good trick is to keep the lights on, even during daytime viewings.

  1. Accessorise 

Style and accessorise by making up the beds with fresh neutral linen, dress the table for dinner, turn on lamps and add flowers and fresh fluffy towels.

Need help to sell your home fast? 

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