10 Ways to add £1,000’s to your Property Value

As the market appears to be slowing down and vendors are having to address their asking prices in order to attract buyers, what ways can you look to add some extra value to your home?

Many of us will of course expect it to mean grabbing a few tins of paint for the local DIY store or unearthing the old pasting table and choose some flowery designs, though there are also some other ways you can add some value to what for many is their biggest asset in life:

  1. When it is time to sell your property you must really be focused on presenting your property in the best possible way and at times this will mean that you may have to make a few changes. One of the biggest ways to increase value of your home is to de-clutter. This can be as easy as taking down a few pictures off the wall to removing unused items messing up your kitchen work surface. Do not fear that this means throwing anything away, simply get yourself some big bags / plastic storage boxes and use them to minimise unneeded items in your property – Store them ideally out of sight ie in the loft or garage / outside storage units.
  2. A maker-over can really add value to your home and this does not necessarily mean spending loads of money either. You can simply look at new handles / doors for kitchen units to new toilet seat / shower curtains in the bathroom. Sometimes a little freshen up can go a long way to please the eye.
  3. For those who have a garden then many times these will be neglected and not maximised to attract potential buyers. Simple garden maintenance to include grass cutting, de-weeding, removing clutter, freshen up / take down old sheds and cleaning/pressure washing stone work can work wonders.
  4. OK so we have to mention decorating and this also includes painting and wall papering! Many of us do not enjoy this task and it can be inconvenient as it means we can lose a room for a few days as we work on them, but repairing cracks, holes, dampness and outdated wallpaper designs and colours will make a real difference to the overall feel of your home.
  5. Another chore that we usually allow to linger is maintenance. There will undoubtedly be one or some repair work required around your home from broken door handles to cracked windows – The more repair word needed in your property then the more will be chalked up by that potential buyer who is viewing which gives them an easy way to reduce their offer price.
  6. Keeping your house clean and fresh is another plus when it comes to selling your home. From clean carpets to air fresheners, if the potential buyers sees your home in its best possible state then they can far easier see themselves living there. Think mostly kitchens and bathrooms!
  7. Make use of those rooms which have no identity. If you have a spare room then look to transform it into a usable space so to give those viewing a feeling that the property offers them alternatives and a bigger overall living space ie an extra bedroom, an office or maybe even a small art/photo studio over a room that is not being used and is full of boxes.
  8. Increase the appeal by looking to update your furnishing across the house. If you want to give that interior designed look you will for sure have to update and invest in furnishing around your home from the settee to bed clothes. We have all watched TV shows where we see ordinary homes transformed and this will inevitably mean some spending at the local furniture store – Places such as Next Home, Amazon, John Lewis and also antique stores will hold a wealth of wonderful ideas for your home.
  9. Re-new leases and applying for planning is another potential boost to the value of your property. Both will take some time in order to achieve, and this may not be guaranteed, plus you will likely also incur a set amount of legal costs.
  10. First impressions and your kerb appeal. Especially for houses over flats/maisonettes, it is advised that you try and stand outside your property with a mindset of a buyer rather than you the seller – First impressions are so important so look at what can you do to enhance the look and warmth of your home. Cleaning of windows, new wall covering, re painting, cleaning of gutters, repairing of fences/gates and more should be looked in to.

It is important to also remember that your property is likely to have a ceiling price so you can sometimes end up spending / investing money in to it to improve the price which is simply not achievable. Also, if you have bigger budgets then you can obviously add features such as conservatories, extensions, loft/cellar conversions, new kitchen/bathroom and more.

Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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