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2019 Best Places to Live in UK: What City Topped Ranking?

If you want to move to the UK, here are some of the best cities. Which top city is best for you?

Best for Property Investment: Birmingham

Birmingham is UK’s top property investment city due to extensive infrastructural investments and incredible investment opportunities. In addition, the city’s population is predicted to grow by 13.5 percent by the year 2039. The city is also home to the youngest population in Europe as it boasts five universities that ensure there is a constant supply of young professionals.

Furthermore, Birmingham is the second city, after London, which hosts some of the largest business, financial and professional services providers like Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and PwC. This growth has led to the demand for city living in areas like Harborne, Jewellery Quarter and, the city center. Overall, investors in the city’s property market expect rental yields of between 5 and 10 percent.

Happiest City: Worcester

With a score of 7.50 out of a possible 10 marks, Worcester was voted as UK’s happiest and most polite place to live. In addition, the city is a close second when you take into consideration the safety, trustworthiness, and general upkeep of cities in the UK. The city is home to an internationally respected university, which helps in ensuring economic growth of the area and brings in a constant stream of new visitors each year.

The area also features intriguing architecture, sports fascination, and industry history – all of which help increase the residents’ sense of pride. Another attraction point in the city is several high street stores and independent boutique traders. What’s more, Worcester offers both residents and visitors copious amounts of green spaces, historic sites, and delightful galleries.

Best City for Under 30s: Sunderland

Sunderland tops the list of best city for under 30s due to high job satisfaction of residents, low living costs, and general wellbeing. The city is also by the sea, which means beautiful coastline, beaches, and plenty of green spaces. In addition, the city features excellent transportation links, affordable housing, and welcoming people.

A thriving culture and music arts community, and the development of important infrastructure landmarks make this city a favorable place for many under 30s. The city is also enjoying an economic revival as major companies like Barclays, Nissan, and Lear Corporation set up shop in the area. Sunderland is especially attractive for families or businesses looking to relocate – and with plenty of opportunities that make it a constant feature in property listing platforms like The Urban Avenue!

Cheapest Student City: Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a port city northeast of Scotland, which is also known as the Granite City for its historical grey-stone walls and buildings. The city headquarters are in a Victorian structure – Marischal College, which is an important landmark in the area.

Aberdeen is the 55th best student city, and it’s the only UK city that is in the global top 50 in terms of affordability. Home to the fifth oldest university in the UK, the city is also incredibly affordable for students as monthly cost of living expenses are more than $3,125 cheaper than London.

Overall Winner: York, North Yorkshire

The mini metropolis tops the charts as the best place to live in the UK for its fast Internet, cool cafes, and rich history. The city has recently undergone a sort of industrial revolution, making it attractive for talented researchers, software designers, financial firms, filmmakers, and gaming firms.


Even when you choose to live in the busiest of towns and cities around the UK, you are never far from the coast or open countryside. Living in the United Kingdom gives you the best of both worlds.

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