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3 Ways To Increase Your Homes Worth Without Breaking The Bank

If you are like most people that buy a property you want to gain maximum appreciation value for your home as the local Real Estate values increase. There are many factors that go into a homes market value like the location, size, construction type, and condition. But all things being equal, there are some easy ways to increase your homes worth without breaking the bank in the process. The following Real Estate tips can be applied to any home, anywhere. These methods have proven successful in the Miami, FL Real Estate market which is one of the largest most diversified in the world.

1. Replacing the roof can make a big difference in the overall appearance and functionality of any property. This obviously only applies to homes that either need a roof replacement or can benefit from it. One of the most important factors that buyers consider when buying a home is the condition of the roof. Replacing a roof can be expensive and buyers are sensitive to the roof’s condition and age. Heres how it works. When you plan to list your home for sale then call a qualified roofer 3-4 months in advance to write you an estimate. Then call your insurance company and see if the replacement is covered under your policy. If it is then your home can get a new roof and you’re sure to get top dollar when you sell.

2. Newly painted homes sell faster. Let’s face it when you walk into a property for sale and the place has fresh paint from the floor to the ceiling it feels good. There isn’t enough emphasis put on this point and time and time again homes sell for far less then they could. Invest in the best paint for the project at hand and ensure you properly cover every wall with even strokes. Make sure you buy the best colors to make space feel light and bright. Don’t stop there make sure that you paint any place that may need it including the garage floor and driveways.

In the Port St Lucie Real Estate market many investors have made a fortune recently due to a 10% market boost in 2018. According to top agents in the area, you can buy a 3 bedroom investment property, clean it thoroughly and paint it properly. Assuming their arent any other repairs needed you can literally flip it for a decent profit. They list homes for sale in Port Saint Lucie Florida for investors every day and after a home gets painted its sells fast, and for more money, than it would otherwise.

3. The final tip that can not only get your home sold fast, but also for top dollar is hiring a Realtor. Yes, its true there is a commission associated with selling Real Estate with an agent or broker. But unless your a seasoned flipper, or know you already have a cash deal, then list it.

A Realtor knows the local market and can properly price your home to sell fast. They will take everything into consideration and advise you on the best route to take. This can be the best decision you can make in the end, even after paying the fees. You will have someone representing your interests and giving you priceless advise that can save you money and boost your profits considerably.

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