4 essentials to get your new build sales project off to a flying start

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Regardless of what you are selling, if you have the right things in place from the outset, it can make things a whole lot easier and can boost sales. Selling new build property is no different. There are lots of things that need to be organised well in advance of a sales launch, or things might not go as well as expected. Here are 4 essentials to get your new build sales off to a flying start.

Plot specific information

To allow your sales advisor to sell the properties effectively, you need to supply them with as much house type and plot specific information as possible. Unlike second-hand property sales, there will be no product to show, which makes the process harder. If you have working drawings, floor plans, specifications, and site plans available, it will make the sales process far easier. Clients need to feel secure in what they are purchasing. If a sales advisor doesn’t know whether wardrobes are included, the internal dimensions, or have a rough idea of garden gradients, it isn’t going to instil confidence in your clients.

Sales presence on site

Whilst you can sell off-site, it’s recommended that you have a sales presence on the development. Being on-site can make it easier for your sales staff to promote the area as well as being able to show clients roughly where each property will be located together with locations of roads, parking, etc. Using a sales and marketing suite, such as those provided by Portable Facilities, is one of the most common methods used by housebuilders. It will provide all the facilities you need and will create nice and inviting area to meet with clients. Visit their website for more information.

Sales advisor

If your sales advisor isn’t confident in what he or she is doing, it’s unlikely your properties will fly off the shelves. Make sure your advisor knows the product as well as the local area and amenities. This will not only make the selling easier but will make clients more eager to buy from you and not from the builder down the road. There is an art to selling off-plan, make sure that your sales advisor has the experience and confidence to do so.

What is the competition doing?

It’s important to have a good knowledge of your competition and what they are offering to ensure you remain competitive. Many builders have no issue being contacted them to find out their recent sales rates and net selling prices. They may also give you information on their available incentives as well as their most recent sales release prices. All they will expect in return is the same information from you.

You may find that your standard product is far superior and so can use that as a selling tool when speaking to prospective purchasers. Clients need to understand that whilst the competition may be cheaper, that doesn’t always mean they are getting a better deal.

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