4 Rules for Using an iPad During a Market Appraisal.

Being able to move through multiple slides that are tailored to a specific client and include the reasons to select you to market their property and a local/national market update, is an effective way at displaying professionalism and almost certainly displaying greater market knowledge than competitors.

The single best use of an iPad during a Market Appraisal.
Clearly the reason to use an iPad is to help promote yourself and your service as being superior to that of any of your competitors. It does not need to replace anything currently adopted but it is an effective aid that supports what you are saying by using visuals… which are far more memorable than words alone.

Rule Number 1: Personalise the presentation to each client.
Making it personal immediately shows to the client you care and have already put work in on their behalf.  Slide content should be relevant to their situation, and it be clear it was  created just for them – easily achieved by simply putting their name and address on it.

Rule Number 2: Don’t use your iPad as a teleprompter.
Have the iPad displaying a single, yet powerful, message that directly relates to the point you want to talk about. Less (text) is more. Also there’s a problem with readability on the screen when there’s too much text and especially if it’s too small. Designers may love a small type, but readers do not, so large font is best.

Rule Number 3: Make sure the client is emailed a copy of their presentation
Your iPad/tablet works superbly as a presentation tool during the appointment and gets the reasons to choose you to market the property across clearly. It’s important therefore to make sure the client can refer back to these points, and perhaps share these with others involved in the decision making process. Systems such as Acaboom make it easy to email a presentation and even notify you whenever a client is viewing it.

Rule Number 4: It’s about you, not your tools. But you want to improve conversion rates
Chances are that you are good at building a rapport and therefore win a good number of the market appraisals you attend. But using an iPad presentation is all about becoming even more effective and improving the percentage you win. Whether it’s during the appointment and using the visuals to get your points across more clearly, or knowing when the best time to follow up with a client an iPad system is an easy way to start winning more.

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