6 Things You Must do Before Moving Into Your New House

Moving into your new home is an incredible source of turmoil & celebration, and its mark as the beginning of a new era-, a significant change in one’s life.

While the complete process is troublesome & overwhelming, there is always an inner passion that leverages us to overcome the tough times.

Start of a New Chapter In Your Life

Congratulations! You’ve survived the time-draining & taxing process of buying a home, but before you commence your routine life at your new address, here are the things you must do before the move-in.

1. Change The Locks

First on the list, mainly because of its high priority. It is crucial to change the old locks before you take possession; it is of considerable significance to keep your property and kids safe. Plus, you don’t want the earlier occupant of the house to have an additional key to your front door, so it is an obvious step to take. Do this well-in-advance before you shift in your new house, this will ensure you have a sound sleep, right from the first night.

2. Identify the Leaks

A few days before you move into your new place, call a local leakage inspector to find the leak spots at your property. Small leaks over the period can cause significant damage to the property and contribute to hefty home repair bills. Even if there is no scope for leakage, by double-checking you’ll have complete peace of mind. Also, let them check the pipes, especially if it’s wintertime of the year.

3. Get Rid Of the Old Toilet Seats

By swapping those old, deteriorated toilet seats with new ones will really make you feel that you own that place. And, this helps you stay clear of all the thoughts who lived here before you exchange money hand with the keys. The best part, for this, you don’t have to go deep into your pocket like first-time homeowners do when they plan to invest in big ideas.

4. Clean Up The Swimming Pool

Home with a pool in the backyard is in everyone’s wildest dreams, as it presents the opportunity to escape from the scorching heat of the sun. However, if it happens to be you are relocating in the wintry months, then you’ll have a few off-season swimming maintenance steps. These are as follows-

  • Adding a Mid-Winter Algaecide

  • Add Chlorine to Your Pool to Ensure a Clean Opening

  • Check Your Safety Cover to Make Sure It’s Properly Fitted

In case there is no pool cover for the swimming pool, go online to find a wide selection of options. These covers come with a myriad of benefits such as reduced consumption of chlorine, reduced evaporation, reduced leaf load, and less chance of flow blockages.

5. Clear & Clean Up The Cabinets

Well before you unload your stuff from the truck, give every cabinet and closet in your new place a quick wipe down, this is to ensure the storage spaces are free of dust & debris. This job will take a few minutes or half an hour to the max, but if you do it later on when you are about to put in your stuff, then you are going to experience that this task is a big headache.

6. Repainting the Home Interiors and Exteriors

If you are buying the property straight from the developer, then you can skip this step. But if it’s a resale property, in that case, repairing the walls becomes a necessity to give your house your own feel and touch. A fresh coat of paint is also important to give back your new address its lost charm. Typically, it is best to select a color scheme that reflects your personality and taste your family.

If you decide to repaint the entire house, make sure you do a couple of days before shifting to the new address-, so that the fumes are dissipated!

Final Words

In the end, whether you are buying for pool enclosures or toilet seats, make sure you invest in premium-grade, durable stuff. You got to devote time, even in the hustles & bustles of relocation.

Recently moved into your new home? Do share your personal experiences in the comment section!

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