71% more likely to increase your instruction rate by doing this…

Following Christopher Walkey’s recent article, “Ditching Print Media for Digital Marketing”, it does statistically prove traditional advertising methods need to change; however, there is a unique platform most haven’t thought of… cars!

Rollin’Ads is a unique Out-Of-Home Advertising Agency that promotes brands on privately owned, non-staffed, GPS tracked vehicles. For example, we brand 10 Colchester based vehicles with a Colchester Estate Agent all driven by local Colchestonians – these individuals are your prospect vendors! It’s important to note, each Rollin’Ads vehicle is owned by a member of the public, vetted and drives in excess of 1000 miles each month – the difference is, this Colchester Estate Agent gets maximum exposure to local people!

A referral from a friend means an individual is 71% more likely to instruct an agent because of emotive influence!? Imagine the impact your agency could have with the influence of Rollin’Ads!

Colchester has nearly 130,000 daily commuters (Mon – Fri). More than 66% spend an average of 39 minutes in traffic every day, that’s almost 86,000 people! A Colchester Estate Agent could be seen 172,000 times every day which equates to 62,780,000 times over one year! That’s massive.

Each vehicle is tracked and using a Colchester Estate Agents (CEA) existing marketing channels, Rollin’Ads create Call-To-Actions (CTA’s) which are specific to each vehicle and geography. This marketing effort prompts the public to photograph the branded vehicle(s), Tweet and Facebook it to their followers and friends which leverages CEA from being generic, to now being personal (ref: 71%). Not only does CEA benefit from penetration of brand promotion across social media to the public from people they know, CEA also see an increase of instructions directly measurable from their CEA branded cars! When a prospect vendor visits the CEA branch, at the point of booking a valuation, the agent asks to see a Tweeted or Facebooked image of their CEA branded car to reward that prospect vendor with a discounted fee.

The impact your advertising campaign has on local people is directly measurable and the regularity of traffic means it is highly likely your local branded fleet will continue to drive business your way.

To learn more, contact Estate Agent Networking or Rollin’Ads directly.

Matt Sutton | Campaign Manager | @rollinads


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