77 Top Tips when presenting your Home for Sale:

Having worked in the industry of UK Estate Agency now for five year, I have seen, heard and read about many great tips when it comes to presenting your property for sale / rent. Thought it a good idea to collate some of the better ones that I have shared out over the years in to one main blog dedicated to helping home owners when it comes to presenting their homes (I have put in bold some of my favoured ones):

  1. When potential buyers visit have soft background music playing to create a feeling of welcome.
  2. Remove pieces of furniture that block or hamper paths and walkways and put them in storage.
  3. Clean your gutters, plants growing in them makes buyers wonder what else hasn’t been maintained.
  4. Keep the entrance hall clear & enticing, so potential buyers want to see more of your home.
  5. Make sure every room has a function & purpose – there should be no doubt what the room is used for.
  6. Bathrooms needs to be clean, bright & airy, tidy away all toiletries & add a few luxury items.
  7. A front porch is a very useful extra space, keep it well lit, tidy, swept clean & cobweb free!
  8. Take a look at your window coverings, do the curtains need washing or the blinds need cleaning?
  9. The master bedroom must appeal to both sexes. Keep bedding and decor in a neutral tone.
  10. Try to keep on top of your laundry & put all dirty washing in a closed container.
  11. If your attic is reached by a folding set of stairs that you pull down, be sure it’s well oiled.
  12. Take advantage of the time of year to use hanging baskets or terracotta pots with plenty of bright flowers.
  13. Don’t block any windows, keep curtains or blinds open & let the light shine in.
  14. Check to see that all doors & windows are in good working order.
  15. Start & end your viewing in the best room, this way buyers leave with it fresh in their minds.
  16. Check the estate agency details & photos, does the description include everything, has anything been missed?
  17. Dried flowers or a small plant on an entrance hall table can make a striking focal point.
  18. Make sure your house doesn’t smell damp or stale.
  19. A simple thing of adding more pillows to your bed makes the room inviting
  20. Walk around the house to ensure that the path & perimeter of house are clear.
  21. If you have a glass shower door, ensure it’s sparkling clean with no water marks.
  22. If you have garden gnomes, it’s always best to remove them for viewings
  23. Keep window sills clear & clutter free.
  24. Don’t forget to clean external window frames as well as the windows.
  25. Replace dirty shower curtains or better still put up a proper screen.
  26. Remove small items from the patio/decking so that buyers are not distracted from the available space.
  27. Ensure all floors are vacuumed before a viewing!
  28. In the kitchen, don’t forget to clean inside your oven, you never know who might open it!
  29. If children have name plates or have put stickers on their doors, now is the time to remove them.
  30. Look out of your bedroom windows, is there anything in the garden that needs doing that you don’t normally see?
  31. Make sure all clocks in the house are set to the correct time.
  32. If you have rooms that appear slightly dark, simply change light bulbs for a higher wattage.
  33. Clean or if necessary update all the door handles.
  34. A good use of lighting is to put tall lamps in corners, this makes the rooms look larger.
  35. Don’t have a calendar up or a board pinned with appointments on etc.
  36. Don’t cut off or block corners or alcoves in your rooms, show how they can be best used instead.
  37. If you have a workshop at home, make sure it is clean, tidy, organised & safe!
  38. Exercise or gym equipment is best put away so as not to clutter rooms
  39. Buyers don’t usually like homes that are decorated in a too specific style, ie. country, high-tech modern.
  40. The colour of your front door can stop you from getting a sale, avoid pink, orange, yellow, purple & grey.
  41. May seem obvious, but make sure you have a for sale board up outside your property and that it is clearly viewable no matter which way you drive up or down your road.
  42. Before choosing an estate agent, find out how they’ll market your property.
  43. Don’t have extra heaters out in rooms as this implies the heating you have isn’t sufficient & it’s a cold house!
  44. Make sure you clean the exterior & interior of your barbecue.
  45. Don’t have desk fans out in rooms as this implies the room gets too hot.
  46. Some buyers will be put off if your garden is very high maintenance.
  47. Don’t leave out prescription medicines, store them away safely.
  48. Make sure all your electrics work properly & are up to date.
  49. Having a pebbledash finish on your property can seriously devalue it.
  50. Polystyrene ceiling tiles not only look old fashioned but are a real turn off to buyers.
  51. In the kitchen, cabinets appeal more if they are light coloured.
  52. Ensure your estate agent states that your property is chain free, if it is, as it’s a good selling point.
  53. Make sure it’s clearly understood what is/isn’t included in the sale.
  54. Check that all your switches & sockets are flush to the wall.
  55. Ensure your property has DPC (Damp Proof Course) at least two bricks above ground level.
  56. Try to avoid any types of taxidermy, be it a stuffed cat or fish!
  57. Hardwood floors add value & elegance to a home.
  58. Your buyer should never be greeted at the door or the pathway/drive to your house by your dog!
  59. Polish all door furniture as this shows a cared for home.
  60. Make sure there are no signs of condensation anywhere.
  61. If you’re selling a flat, details what areas are communal ie. garden, parking.
  62. Let buyers know if your boiler has been serviced recently.
  63. Make sure you have your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) done.
  64. In the kitchen, roll out shelves double usable space & can be fitted to fill awkward corners.
  65. Make sure there is no peeling wallpaper.
  66. Make sure the shower door opens & closes easily.
  67. Replacing the kitchen counter tops can instantly update the look of your kitchen.
  68. Avoid having strong smelling foods in the fridge eg cheese.
  69. If space allows, double vanity basins add an extra feature in the bathroom.
  70. Fake period features in an inappropriate setting can put buyers off.
  71. Don’t be cooking or baking when a buyer is viewing your house.
  72. Don’t have loud music playing in any room.
  73. Don’t hang clothes or dressing gowns on door hooks.
  74. Don’t leave out your empty bottles for recycling.
  75. If you’ve been renovating, make sure the skip has been taken away.
  76. Make sure to get rid of carpet dents if you’ve been moving furniture around.
  77. Remove any evidence of that party the night before, ie wine bottles, party streamers, bowls of peanuts!

Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking. Internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Social Media. Writes about UK property prices, housing, politics and affordable homes.

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