8 things that you need to know when hiring a skip company

Skips have become one of the most opted for ways of waste management. It is not just cheap but also extremely effective in disposing of the rubbish. Hiring a skip is no longer a novelty these days. Skip hire has become common among people nowadays. Be it to dispose of domestic waste or waste from companies, offices, work places etc., as long as they are not toxic or hazardous, skip hire is considered the best and most effective way to dispose of the rubbish.

But if you have never hired a skip before and it is your first time, then it could create a lot of problems and you might have several different doubts in your mind about the whole process. There are many factors that play major roles while you decide to hire a skip. Here are a few things you need to know about hiring a skip before you make a decision. Hopefully this guide will make it easier for you to decide what and what not to do, be it for your personal use or commercial use.

1) The Size of the skip – what size will you require?

The size of the skip is an important factor that you need think about when you are about to skip hire. Skips come in a lot of different sizes. If the skip you choose is too big for your requirement, then it would mean a lot of waste of money as bigger skips cost more. But on the other hand, if the skip you choose is smaller than what you need, then it could lead to insufficient space to hold in your waste. You will then have to hire another skip again for it to be enough to hold your waste. So if you are going to skip hire, make sure you choose the right size. Go through all the sizes available and choose the best for your needs.

2) What all can be put in the skip and what cannot be put in the skip.

The skips are ways to dispose of waste and rubbish from your home and/or offices. But this does not mean that you can dispose of anything through a skip. There are certain restrictions when it comes to what are the things you can put in a skip and what are some of the materials you are not allowed to put in a skip. For starters, people with a skip hire are advised against putting in toxic materials in the skip. Other items that also do not go in the skip include batteries, paints, tires, medical waste etc. Any waste that is non-toxic and do not fall under the items mentioned above are allowed to be put inside the skip.

3) Will I need a lot of space for my skip? What is the best place to keep my skip on?

Skips, though they have come a long way, are still bulky items. They are still huge and require a lot of space to be kept. You will require space in the area you wish to keep your skip in. make sure you have located the area before they come to drop off the skip because once it is placed, you may not be able to move it. Also, the location should be suitable for the lorry drivers to come and collect the skip at the required time and drop it off after disposing the rubbish. Make sure you have it all ready before deciding on hiring a skip.

4) Permit for putting up my skip – necessary or not?

If you are planning to keep the skip in your personal area like the backyard of your house etc. then there is no requirement for a permit. But not always will one have enough space for keeping a skip. In such cases, people might sometime request the permission of the concerned authorities to keep the skip in public place such as in a public highway, street road etc. If this is the situation, one will of course need a permit as the skip is being placed in a public space. So that is the only situation that will require you to have a permit from the authorities to hire a skip.

5) Will hiring a skip be well inside my budget?

Skips may be one of the cheapest ways to dispose of rubbish and to do waste management, but that does not mean that you need not think about the financial side of skip hire. The cost of skips will vary from company to company who offer you the service of hiring skips. It will also depend on the size of the skip you require. Make sure you decide upon the correct sized skip that meets all your needs and requirements. Compare the different costs of the skips available from different service companies to find the right skip which is under your budget.

6) How long can rubbish be collected in the skip – Is there a time limit upto which I can keep a skip?

The time period for which a skip is kept before being collected and the waste in it is disposed of differs if the skip is placed in a street or a house etc. If the skip is being located in a street, the time period will depend on the duration that is permitted by the concerned local authorities. Usually the duration is anywhere between 12-28 days.

7) Are there any restrictions when it comes to locating the skip and getting it to the place required?

While deciding to hiring a skip, one needs to remember that skips are bulky items. And the lorries that bring in the skip in the area are big too. Make sure the location you have chosen for the skip to be placed can be easily accessed. The way has to be wide enough to accommodate the lorries that will come to collect and drop off the skips. For more information check with your local company.

8) Up to what height can one fill waste inside a skip?

Remember that every time you are filling up the skip, one should stop when the level of the waste collected reaches the height of the sides of the skip. This is the maximum height up to which waste can be filled in a skip. Do make sure that you do not over fill the skip as this might cause problems because drivers of the lorries to collect the skip might refuse to take up an overfilled skip.

These are just some of the basic things but now you know what to look for before you take a decision to hire a skip.

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