Advertising to UK Estate Agents

We have three questions for you:

  1. How much are you currently paying to get in front of as many Estate Agents as you can?
  2. What results are you receiving from your current marketing efforts / spend?
  3. Would you like to reduce your marketing costs, if not get them for Free?

As Estate Agent Networking continues to grow, more and more Industry Service Providers are coming over to our marketing packages as they see their potential to find new business via a cost effective more suitable to our setup. They also see the power of the community we are building online to share with us their latest news, press releases and educational blog content.

The way that Estate Agent Networking works is by allowing any service provider to the UK property industry the chance to register for free on our website and also to upload educational/engaging/entertaining blog content totally free that will generally receive anything between 2,000 – 10,000 views over a period of a month or two.

What do we gain from this? By you sharing content on our website we gain more quality content that drives more target traffic to our website and allows us to increase our advertising revenue. You gain for Free target viewers to your blog content on our website (you are not charged a sponsored blog price as per other property industry news channels) and in return, we build our platform – At the end of the day we both build our businesses, the idea which is behind Estate Agent Networking, ie a networking platform for the UK Property Industry to grow their businesses. Is this wrong or is it all in our favour? Not at all, just like any social media website such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc you share content on to help increase your brand awareness, the social media platform gains for free your content, gains you as a new sign ups too thus increasing their value and in return. You get a free busy platform with many target ‘eyes’ that can potentially see your content and in return, the social media platform that provides you this grows in size. A win / win situation.

The other great thing about Estate Agent Networking is the prices to advertise and sponsor. Where else in the industry would you get exposure to a 40,000 + Community visiting/subscribed/following us monthly for just £100 + VAT monthly? What other concept would not only offer you the banner advertisement place, but also promote you across social media to our 25,000 followers on Twitter and the 12,000 in our LinkedIn Group?

Going back to the questions we asked early, here are our thoughts to each:

  1. You are paying too much to get in front of what we see as highly inflated numbers who will generally not necessarily be interested in what you have to offer. Feedback from within the industry tells us that.
  2. Your results are not great if not you are disappointed. Your business message is getting jumbled up with 100’s of other business messages repeatedly concerning your that you are falling into the bracket of ‘spamming’.
  3. Yes, reducing your costs is of great interest though only if you can see results as otherwise you’d be better off paying nothing at all. Though saying this, we also offer you the chance to showcase your business to our 40,000 + community for Free and that is something you’d be interested in so long as it is an easy process and there are absolutely no catches as too often when you hear something is for free it never is… If it’s too good to be true quote comes to your mind.

If you would like to speak to us at Estate Agent Networking to discuss your marketing plans for 2016 then we’d be happy to share ideas with you and explain how we can help to increase your brand awareness to the industry and better the current results you are achieving.

We will soon be launching four new channels to the Estate Agent Networking concept allowing advertising and blog writers to reach a more target audience that would embrace their business services/products – Look out for Letting Agent Networking, Commercial Agent Networking, Overseas Agent Networking and Homes & Living Networking.

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