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Affordable Virtual Reality – Watch how your property will look via 360 Tours:

Property marketing business Houseviz is helping estate agents to take advantage of Virtual Reality (VR) technology, with an affordable pricing model that pays for itself by generating new sellers and sales.

The next big thing in property marketing, 3D virtual walkthroughs deliver an experience very much like the virtual tours you find on Google Street View. Creating extraordinary experiences – with the potential to provide enormous benefits – 360 VR property tours add a whole new dimension to estate agency marketing. More immersive than a standard video, with VR, estate agents can offer prospective buyers the opportunity to explore properties online in an unprecedented level of detail; without actually being there. Saving valuable time, agents can also reduce the amount of time they waste on casual property viewings.

However, the 360 industry is at a relatively early stage in the real estate market and, until now, the prohibitive cost of investing in such tech has meant that only the bigger players have been able to capitalise on the benefits of VR. In response, Houseviz’s low-cost pricing structure is set to open up access to VR, to agents of all sizes.

What’s more, with the user-friendly Houseviz system, estate agents can create virtual tours in a matter of minutes. And, by capturing data such as engagement rates, estate agents will also be able to provide sellers with accurate reports as to who is looking at their properties.

Houseviz Director, Amanda Lindsay said: “With VR penetrating nearly every other sector, we’ve been leading the way when it comes to bringing VR and AR to the UK property market. The reality is that VR is now science fact and it won’t be long before vendors expect this service as standard. But it’s not enough to just offer the industry something new; we have to make it affordable.

Because we’ve already done the initial investment, our competitive pricing structure is the lowest in the UK. As such, we’re helping our clients to get in from the ground up and steal the advantage without any substantial investment on their part.”

Houseviz offers DIY immersive VR walkthrough for just £10.00 per property and camera equipment for just £199. The PropTech can also provide agents with custom branded Google VR glasses and training where required.

To find out more, estate agents can go to houseviz.com/subscribe and sign-up for VR tour packages online.



Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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