AGENTS CAN OVERCOME GDPR MARKETING RESTRICTIONS USING PROPERTYHEADS.COM, the property and social network portal, offers agents the opportunity to by-pass some GDPR marketing restrictions, enabling agents to engage with clients and prospects, without using email or telephone.

This unique feature of portal and not offered by Rightmove, ZPG and OnTheMarket, allows agents’ communication on to take the form of posting content, engaging with clients’ content, instant messaging, standard messaging and in the form of group chat. These forms of communication, with the exception of standard messaging, where it has been initiated by the prospect, are simply not available to agents elsewhere in the property listings space.

Agents posting content on and replying constructively to their contacts’ posts is a great way to demonstrate their local property market expertise and remain engaged with past clients. The traditional portals simply aren’t equipped to provide agents with the same ability to promote and shape their own brand at branch level. Some of the most forward-thinking agents are already establishing and managing local groups (e.g. The Guildford Buy To Let Investor Group, Bournemouth First Time Buyers) to engage with and ultimately attract new clients to their agency business.

Ben Davis, Chief Executive of commented: “We can help agents effectively overcome some marketing restrictions imposed by GDPR, via our social network.  Many of the GDPR restrictions that apply to email and telephone, simply don’t apply to content posted on a social network.

“There’s a lot more freedom over what agents can put on their timeline than what they can put in an email. So just because Mrs Jones on Church Street has never expressed an interest in buy-to-let before, it doesn’t mean an agent can’t share their buy-to-let opportunities with her over a social network. Or, if the Smith family post pictures of their loft conversion, there’s nothing to stop the agent that sold them the house responding with ‘Love what you’ve done to the house, looks like you’ve added a lot of value, do give us a shout if you would like an up-to-date free valuation.

“Other features that differentiate from from established portals include a facility for vendors to review their own property, which will then form part of a more engaging property listing. The review will only ‘go live’ once approved by the agent.

“ is the only social network dedicated to property matters.  We empower estate agents to win new instructions and sell more homes, by enabling them to maintain control of their brand by networking with their clients directly, posting content and managing buyer and vendor enquiries. As we are The Property Social Network, we value agents’ content, so unlike other social networks we can guarantee all of their contacts have the opportunity to engage with their posts.” has 4,000 agents on the portal and is growing fast.  The portal is free for agents and will always be free for unlimited listings from traditional, online and hybrid agencies.  However, will not permit For Sale By Owner private listings, partly for quality control reasons.

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