Agents, have your say – Fixflo launches 2017 Rental Repairs Survey

Fixflo’s fourth annual Fixflo Rental Repairs Survey has officially launched and is set to reach even further than the last.

The past year has produced some challenges for the residential lettings sector which has highlighted the need for agents to be able to share their feedback. Fixflo’s Rental Repairs Survey aims to give agents a platform in which they can share their maintenance and repairs process. These insights are then utilised to create the Fixflo Report. Pulling on key data trends, this report seeks to build up a national picture of repairs and maintenance processes across the UK with the aim of producing insights that will:

  • increase efficiency
  • improve client retention
  • help agents to provide a premium customer service through reducing the costs associated with property maintenance.


The importance of the survey cannot be underestimated as last year’s results revealed that 47% of lettings agents knew of a landlord who had changed letting agency due to a repair related issue.

This information was gathered from a survey of more than 315 lettings agencies, covering more than 750 branches. This data culminated in the creation of the 2016 Fixflo Report, supported by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (‘ARLA Propertymark’). Along with the hundreds of letting agencies polled, data was aggregated and analysed from more than 259,000 repairs in UK properties that had been handled through the Fixflo system in 2016.

The 2016 Fixflo Report showed a marked improvement from the previous year’s survey in repair management by lettings agencies across the UK. However, the revelation that almost half of lettings agencies are losing clients due to poor repair management highlights the importance of property managers streamlining their processes in order to ensure client retention.

Lettings agents and managers of properties of all sizes are encouraged to participate in what is the largest survey of its kind. Open from the 1st August to 31st August, the survey can be accessed at All valid responses to the survey are entered into a prize draw for a chance to win one of ten £50 Amazon Vouchers.

For last year’s results of the annual Fixflo Report, please visit

About Fixflo

Fixflo is the market standard and market leading repair reporting software for the lettings industry. Fixflo’s online, picture-based system allows tenants to easily and accurately report repairs in their rented properties to their property manager. Fixflo guides tenants to accurately identify their problem, provides guided advice so they may solve small issues that are their responsibility themselves, and automatically prompts them to provide the information that will be needed by their property manager to resolve the issue.

Letting agencies and property management companies pay a monthly fee to have their own branded Fixflo website which allows them to communicate more effectively with their tenants, to enhance their service and to promote their brand. Fixflo is available to tenants in over 40 languages with repair requests being translated into English for resolution by a property manager. was launched in May 2013 and recently won the 2016 Sunday Times Gold Award for best supplier to the lettings industry. was founded by former property lawyer Rajeev Nayyar and former CTO of Friends Reunited Duncan Careless.


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