All Blacks – What can we learn from them?

Now that several weeks have passed since their emphatic win in this year’s rugby World Cup final, I have no doubt that the analysis, the questions and the head scratching will continue for months, if not years. Although some people will overthink the strategy and reflect on their performance the simple answer is that New Zealand came, they played and they conquered…as a team, a combined unit.

For me, they play rugby in a way that rugby should be played. They keep to their positions, support each other, change their strategy quickly and react to the environment around them. When things got tough (and occasionally it did for The All backs) they still believed in themselves and in doing so created opportunities and communicated well across the ranks. But all that doesn’t come without vision. And there is no point in having a common goal and target if everyone in the ‘camp’ isn’t trained and developed to turn the strategy into action.

I think that business can learn a lot from the sports field, especially when the performance is slick and efficient. Maybe, just maybe the great teams produce their own good fortune and benefit from their hard work, preparation, discipline and training.



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