Are Apps Taking Over Automotive Business Practices and Customer Services?

With gadgets seeing people through their day-to-day lives, digital applications often come as part of the deal, tools to link people to a hive of knowledge. Subsequently, memes and news articles of ‘there is an app for that’ fill the internet, with apps collectively serving as if an encyclopaedia for all working knowledge.

However, it’s one thing for apps to give a fun spin on personal lives, and another to have them ingrained as an integral part of a business infrastructure. The automotive industry has seen this impact first hand, as applications begin to drive the innovation and results in business practice to customer service. Here are some ways they are doing so:


App Identity

In taking advantage of digital connectivity, car companies can develop their own company specific applications, giving them more depth as an organisation. After all, meshing marketing and business practice through an iTunes listed app for an automotive business is a great way to get noticed.

For example, Ford have their own online app catalogue, a business practice that consolidates their services and lays them out presentably. Arguably, this is also a brand of customer service, the first line of defence as googled enquiries become answered directly with the application usage. Ultimately, an app catalogue communicates that this brand of technology is not tacked on, but a key player in the company’s objectives.


Vehicle Check Histories

Of course, digital technology functions as a handy research tool, with a wealth of knowledge provided at the touch of a button. Car owners will naturally want to research their automobile investments subject to convenience, which is where apps can fill a need for slick efficiency.

Vehicle history informs everything from future purchases, repairs to appropriated vehicle insurance plans, unless a write-off for coverage factors in. Additionally, HPI have an app for such checks, keeping app users up to date on owner antiquity, MOT history and more. It might seem like a hassle, but the app is designed to merge it all into a time efficient package. Consequently, these types of apps in the automotive industry assume the mantle of customer service, handing out the know how head on.


A Marketable Strength

Of course, apps have a greater impact on business practices and customer service if they are promoted consistently. Showing off what their capabilities are can be nearly as important as the capabilities themselves!

Ultimately, from the rundowns of using driving apps on a company blog, the recurring themes and incentives are time saving, fuel saving and security. Apps remove the stress of these factors, filling personal service needs that are effortlessly appealing. Consequently, the apps are marketed as a key dimension of the driving experience, largely through a key collaboration between both business practice and customer service.



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