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Have you ever tried to lose weight?  I know lot’s of my friends have.  Many of them started with diet fads in their 20’s.  We are now all approaching our 40’s and most of us have failed miserably.  Sure we lose a few pounds, however ultimately most of us pile it back on.  And so the diet starts again!

In my 20’s I was lucky.  I weighed just over 8 stone.  I was a size 8.  If anything I was too skinny.  As I approached 30 and become more settled in life, the pounds started creeping on.  I became a size 10 as my weight approached 9 stone.  Fast track to now.  I’m 39.  I’m a size 12 (most days) and my weight last month hit over 10 stone.  You might not think this is a big deal.  I’m not huge however something happened which totally changed my mindset.  My wedding dress did not fit.  I get married in less than 7 weeks.  The dress fitter asked me to lose weight.  I felt like crying.

I have never stuck to diet before in my life yet in just 3 weeks I have lost 9lb.  I took professional advice.  I bought a fitbit ( a watch like device ) which monitors my exercise and my calorie intake and the calories I burn.  I have done the 9 day cleanse which has changed my outlook to food.  I have stopped eating the Haribos.  I’ve even started eating breakfast and having lunch which is something I was skipping always believing I was too busy to stop working.  My mindset has changed.  But amazingly so has my energy.  My mind is thinking more clear.  I’m full of ideas.  I’ve still got a few more pounds to lose however I am confident I can do it.  I feel so much better too.

You might be wondering now how this relates to selling your house!  Here goes.


Your reasons behind moving

Do you really want to move house?  Are you really committed to the process? Are you prepared to do whatever it takes?  What is your mindset?  You might still be wondering what I mean by this.  Let me explain.

People move for different reasons.  Some people want to move house.  You may be moving for a superb new job.  It might be to be closer to family or it could be that you are moving in with a loved one.  You may have simply outgrown your home and want more space for your growing family.  It could be that you have seen a house already that you want to buy.  Whatever the reason, it’s an exciting journey.

Other people are moving due to circumstance.  This may be divorce and separation.  A change in lifestyle.  The loss of a loved one.  It may be that you need to downsize or that you can’t manage the stairs anymore.  You’d rather not move but sadly your circumstance is dictating that you need to.  Because of this it feels much harder and often your heart is not in it.


What’s your mindset?

People who want to move have a different mindset.  They have a goal.  They have a desire. It’s what pushes them forward.  They’ll do what it takes and readily takes on board any advice given to them by the estate agent.  They make an effort whether that means finishing off odd jobs around the home, touching up the decor or having a good old de-clutter.  These people generally have a time frame they want to be moved by.  Often their home will sell quicker and for a better price!

People who don’t really want to move don’t have the same motivation.  They take the attitude of what will be, will be.  They won’t take on board any professional advice.  Or if they do, they often won’t stick to it.  They won’t see the need to de-clutter or finishing any odd jobs believing potential buyers will change things anyway.  On viewings you’ll see that the kitchen worksurfaces are cluttered.  You’ll find the shampoo bottle’s around the bath tub.  They’ll believe that if someone wants their house, they’ll see past this.  It’s possible they might.  But why leave things to hope and chance?  The worst thing is, by simply not acting, these sellers risk a lower offer and could cost themselves £1000’s.

Ask yourself this.  Do you really want to move?  If you do, we can help you. Together we’ll create a tailored a plan.  You need to have a goal you want to achieve and be willing to put a bit of effort in.  If we see you slipping, we’ll give you a gentle nudge and get you back on track.  At JDG we are here to help you!

My name is Michelle.  If you want to chat about anything in this article, diet or property related, give me a call.  You can reach me on 01524 843322 or email me at [email protected]



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