Where are the best places to buy a property in Dumfries?

Homeowners interested in the market town of Dumfries in the Scottish Lowlands County of Dumfries and Galloway will be pleased to hear that the town is officially one of the happiest places to live in Scotland. Indeed, the town even appeared at the top of the list in Rightmove’s comprehensive Happy at Home Index in…

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BREAKING NEWS – top 5 stories 09/03/2021

Estate Agent Networking Breaking News

PROPERTYMARK – THE FARCE CONTINUES In a desperate attempt to claw back some form of authority, following the numerous mysterious departures, and financial irregularity over non-payment of VAT. Propertymark has just issued a four-point vision of itself and its future. My advice is that it should put their own house in order before pontificating to…

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What is #Proptech?

What is Proptech 2021

The abbreviation of Property Technology, Proptech has made its presence felt in the UK property industry over the last few years. Each year that goes by it seems that this trending topic continues to grow in presence from those working within the sector to the agencies across the country embracing them. “Property technology is the…

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Influencer Marketing – Valuable or merely Vanity?

Influencer Marketing

It’s arguably a growing trend across many business sectors, the adoption in some form of influencer marketing. For many years it has been used, from celebrities advertising insurances in TV commercials to wine critics sharing their tasting notes in published reference books. Consumers are widely led by peers, if we see a name / person…

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Estate Agency: No Vaccination No Valuation?

Estate Agency Vaccines 2021

Yes, that is vaccines and not vacancies! The new word on the block and one that holds much difference of opinions. Though, by me standing in the middle, I ask if the Estate Agency industry will look to embrace the proposed future of covid-19 and possible other pandemics regarding vaccinations and masks. Can you believe,…

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#Rightmove: Rage Against the Machine

Love or Hate Rightmove

There is seldom a day that goes by that I do not see a post, a tweet, an update, video or similar within my social media groups that isn’t focused on Rightmove and then more than likely in a negative way. Despite being the giant within the UK property industry, it holds a somewhat love…

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Top Tips for Embracing Home Automation

Ring Doorbell Crime Statistics 2020

New technology is emerging all the time, and there are so many new products on the market so navigating the home automation sector can be a challenge. But there are many benefits to automating your property, from saving time and greater efficiency to energy-saving. If you’re keen to embrace this technology, here are some suggestions…

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