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Right to Rent scheme violates human rights?!

“You must check that a tenant or lodger can legally rent your residential property in England.” as stated on the offical gov.uk website – Seems a pretty sensible enough statement to me… The Right to Rent scheme is though said to be seen as causing racial discrimination so the High Court has found – It violates the…

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Crowdcube & Emoov – Crime, grime or sublime?

Both crowdfunding and kickstarting have been a real positive for many start up businesses globally, highlighting yet to be signed up talent and enabling investors to join in on many successful roller coaster rides as well as helping start-ups to grow from ideas to national / international companies. There has been a few #PropTech success…

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London’s office market in for a fall?

A recent article on the Financial Review website takes a look at the current situation for London offices and the forthcoming decision on Brexit – Expectations by some analysts see a fall in the market due. “We see a number of red flags that signal the start of a cyclical correction” Berenberg analysts led by…

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Council demands extra £360,000 following Right-to-Buy blunder

Right-to-Buy which many will see as a completely out of date, unfair and a drain to the UK housing stock hits the headlines again with Islington Council, who gave away at a discount one of their flats on Islington street, now demanding at extra £360,000 following a blunder on ‘bedrooms’. Two years later the council saw the…

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