Composite Garden Fencing / Gates – Pros & Cons

composite gates

As much as many of us enjoy great relationships with our neighbours, we do also relish privacy between our properties / boundaries. Years ago I remember rows of gardens with no more that a wire fence with wooden posts separating each with some having missing sections and even those totally without. Many neighbours would have…

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How many empty homes are there in England?

empty property uk 2022

The total number of empty dwellings as at 13 September 2021 was 468,000 – a decrease of 11,000 or 2.4% on the previous year as quoted on the official government website: Local Authority Council Tax base England 2021 Long term empty homes are dwellings which are unoccupied for a period of 6 months or more…

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Popular Shops and Stores buyers look to live close to

shops that increase your property value

Location, location, location is a relatively famous quote in that we not only seek the perfect property to suit our needs, we are also after the perfect, fine location in what we then call our local community. Easy access to, close to station, sea views, quiet location and more are quotes which will appeal to…

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How much Value does a Tree add to your Home?

the value of trees in your garden

For those of us lucky to have a garden(s) or even a large parcel of land with our property then what it contains can have a big effect on the overall value. Outside of what we can build, mature plants, especially trees, can offer a big persuasion with potential buyers and increase value of real…

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Questions you should ask when viewing property

questions to ask when viewing a property

You may have spotted what could be that perfect home on Rightmove or Zoopla, maybe you drove past a for sale sign in your perfect location or possibly that feature full page property advertisement in the local newspaper grabbed your attention – It is now time to take things beyond virtual and move in to…

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What to do if you have Dry Rot

What to do if you have Dry Rot

Something nasty that you really do not want to be seeing in your home is Dry Rot. It is quite a serious issue and it is vital that when you suspect you have it, 100% certain or not, that you call in the specialists. There might be advisory instruction videos or articles online as to…

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Tips to Bring You Luck When Selling Your Home

healing crystals for selling real estate

Have you ever been in that situation when your property is just simply not selling? Maybe property have come on the market locally in between you listing yours and have sold instantly even if the same style and price as your own. I remember once having a property and we had exactly the same exasperating…

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The Patron Saint of Real Estate: Saint Joseph

Patron Saint of Real Estate Saint Joseph

Yes there is a patron saint of real estate, this is not simply a clickbait title! Whilst I was researching practises people use to attract good luck when selling I stumbled across a few examples being the usage of a Saint Joseph statue, the Patron Saint of Real Estate. I quickly popped over to Amazon…

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Where will the Housing Market be by 2023?

new build home fronts

It is quite easy to predict the past and the present, though the future is a tad more difficult. The current climate and that of the last two years we have all been at the mercy of fast changing regulations on how, who with and where we can live our lives such as via government…

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Could you be Breaking these Garden(ing) Laws?

windfall fruit

Us Brits are known for our fondness of gardening. From immaculate lawns to plump tomatoes on the vegetable plot, we tend to spend a fair few hours each year taking on the tasks our gardens demand of us – the average UK gardener will spend around 114 hours (per year) on gardening chores. We are…

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Networking for Estate Agents

estate agency business networking

For anyone in business we will sure have attended a business networking event or two during our journeys. From the local breakfast meetings to larger and more specific events run at major cities, business networking is a great way to: Increase your brand awareness Increase your personal profile Increase your connections Improve your confidence There…

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Landlord Tips: How to Attract Quality Tenants

gain quality tenant leads

There is a rich demand for property today and this includes rentals. Not only are people looking for somewhere to live, long term or short, they are also looking for a lifestyle and quality of living. Rental property aren’t simply stop off points, temporary stepping stones or in between destinations, many of us see them…

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