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Social Housing – Where are we in 2019?

Social Housing 2019

I think I am correct in saying that there are towards 25 million homes here in the UK of which around 17.5% of those are classed as social homes. From the outside this sounds a good figure in that there are over 4 million homes across the country which helps those with reduced income to…

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Just how Crap are some Estate Agencies becoming?

Estate Agency delays

Reader please be aware that I write this article in the zone of being the editor of a major property news channel, with the utmost respect for the industry and I am genuinely currently searching for a property to buy with nothing sell and a mortgage sorted with a cash deposit, ie no chain! So…

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Weak French property market to see ‘pricing website’

For a few years now the french property market has been in decline and property values have plummeted with property remaining months if not years on the market without interest. Many rural regions have been most effected and the added concerns over Brexit has seen many of the expat French property owners concerned about their…

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You need to leave your council home because of pet pig?

So we are now not allowed to keep pet pigs? As a more and more popular trend with many celebrities keeping them as pets, the Metro website has reported on Clarion Housing who are looking to eject their tenant following receiving a complaint by a local neighbour…. We wonder who that complaint come from as…

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