BBC to add more to ‘household fees’ with an increase of their TV licence fee

Already at £150.50 per year the government will raise the TV licence (AKA BBC licence fee) to £154.50 and will also be reviewing the free licence they provide to over 75’s (Government-funded scheme).

Age UK recently claimed that as many as 50,000 UK pensioners could be pushed below the poverty line if the free TV licence is scrapped.

Many will argue that it should be an optional fee just like Amazon, Netflix, Sky and lots of other subscription channels or it should gather it’s own revenue and become like ITV / Channel 4 and others who use advertising revenue.

Many have fallen out of love with the BBC due to their increasing left focused and political correctness theme that has ruined what was once a magnificent hub of amazing television, today many of these old BBC shows would simply not pass the BBC watchdog and when repeated are usually edited down.

From April 1st the enforced BBC licence fee goes up and unlike Netflix / Sky and others, you have no option to ‘opt out’ of receiving their channels as it would be highly likely that their enforced subscribers would fall by millions.

Many websites, headlines and national media stories are shared about the topic of abolishing the BBC licence fee ie :

The Sun: Record 3.5million Brits cancel BBC’s licence fee in favour of streaming sites Netflix and Amazon Prime

38 Degrees: End the BBC Licence Fee

The Guardian: Scrap TV licence fee and BBC1

The Daily Telegraph: Here’s an answer to the BBC licence fee: don’t pay it!

There of course are millions of people who enjoy the BBC and would want to continue to receive both the TV and radio channels which will be important to them hence the idea that it should become a subscription service making it fair to everyone to chose between BBC or no BBC, ie licence fee or no licence fee.

Many will read this and argue it is in fact a TV Licence fee and not a BBC licence fee so. Below is some research on the matter:

Do I need a TV licence?

It used to be you only needed a TV licence if you had a telly. Yet the internet age means the rules have exploded with complications, and until recently, those who only watched catch-up TV could get away without paying the £147 annual fee for a colour TV.

Now that’s changed, and if you watch BBC iPlayer, you’ll need a licence – but you won’t for other catch-up sites. Confused? Don’t be. This full guide will take you through whether you should be paying or not.

23 TV licensing tips

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