Blue plaque commemorates 100 years of council housing in Nottingham

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A plaque will be unveiled at a property along Stockhill Lane that is one of the city’s oldest council houses on Sunday (25 August).

The plaque idea has been developed by Nottingham City Homes with support from the Nottingham Civic Society and the Stockhill and Ladbrooke Tenants and Residents Association (SALTRA) to commemorate 100 years of council housing – and 100 years of the Stockhill estate.

The unveiling will be part of a bigger event, a celebration of 100 years of the Stockhill estate, organised by SALTRA on Stockhill Lane Park on the same day from midday. The event runs from noon to 9pm and will feature live music, a magician, food and refreshments, a bouncy castle, and lots more. Attending will be local ward councillors, Local MP Alex Norris, the Portfolio Holder for Planning at Housing at the council and NCH’s Chief Executive.

The construction of Stockhill began in 1919, on land bought from the Duke of Newcastle, and the first tenants moved in in June 1920. The number of people who applied to the council to live on the new estate was huge, but people were prioritised according to factors like war service, family size, and likelihood of them being good tenants, the condition of their current accommodation, and whether they were from Nottingham.

The plaque is being erected on a house on Stockhill Lane which is home to Lorraine Laws and her family.

Angela Cairns, Chair of the Stockhill and Ladbrooke Tenants and Residents Association (SALTAR) said: “Our event on Sunday is a real celebration for the whole community. There will be a great party atmosphere. We’re very proud of our estate and its important place in Nottingham’s history. We’re very pleased that Nottingham Civic Society, Nottingham City Homes and the Council have been able to recognise that with this special blue plaque”

Hilary Silvester, Chair of the Nottingham Civic Society, said: “We are delighted to join Nottingham City Homes in celebrating the centenary of the city’s first council housing estate, particularly as Nottingham’s social housing has, from the start, been renowned for its accommodation and design. Nottingham’s housing in fact set the standard for the rest of the country, an achievement very well worth celebrating with this plaque for Stockhill Estate.”

Nick Murphy, Chief Executive at Nottingham City Homes, said: “This is an important year for us, marking the centenary of when councils were first given the task of developing good quality new housing where it was needed. 100 years ago the Government promised Homes Fit for Heroes, which led to high quality homes like this built in Nottingham and elsewhere.

“Today we have a waiting list of local families needing an affordable secure home of their own. Yes, we are building new homes, but we want to build more and we want to build them so that they will be here for another 100 years.”

Cllr Linda Woodings, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Housing at Nottingham City Council said: “Nottingham’s council housing story is an important part in the city’s past, present and future. I’m really proud that the start of that story is being recognised and preserved for future generations to come.

“Affordable, good quality council housing is as important now as it was a hundred years ago, with growing demand as the cost of renting or buying privately soars. This remains a priority for the City Council and Nottingham City Homes, so together we continue to build new homes, improve existing ones and ensure tenants are happy.”


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