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Lee Rowley appointed housing minister – again

Since the turn of the millennium we have had 24 housing ministers, that is two dozen of them in just 23 years. As we trawl through the names do any stick in our memory as being outstanding, or to the point can anyone remember a single thing that they did which helped housing?

We have had Nick Raynsford, Charles Falconer, Jeffrey Rooker, Keith Hill, Yvette Cooper, Caroline Flint, Margaret Beckett, John Healey, Grant Shapps, Mark Prisk, Kris Hopkins, Brandon Lewis, Brandon Barwell, Alok Sharma, Dominic Raab, Kit Malthouse, Esther McVey, Christopher Pincher, Stuart Andrew, Marcus Jones, Lee Rowley for the first time, Lucy Frazer, Rachel Maclean and for a return visit Lee Rowley.

If like me you cannot remember any of them actually doing anything it is probably because that many were in office a few short months, indeed Rachael Maclean was only in office nine-months, but that was longer than any of the four ministers who had come before here.

And Rachel Maclean who was tomorrow to be the person putting flesh on some pretty important housing policies having now been consigned to the scrap heap, will now have to watch Lee Rowley, roll up his sleeves and get on with it.

Given that in less than a year we will see a General election, which many pundits have already said is likely to be a Labour landslide larger than Tony Blair’s, it would seem likely that Lee Rowley’s tenure as Housing Minister is going to just long enough to be of exactly zero value, which will put him on a par with most of those who have held this post.

Inventory Base explains the importance of Open Property Data Association

Sián Hemming-Metcalfe an executive member of the Open Property Data Association (OPDA) and also Operations Director of Inventory Base, sums up what OPDA is all about, ‘In an industry where trust can sometimes be a rare commodity, the impact of transparent and actionable data cannot be overstated. It’s not just about cold numbers and dry statistics; it’s about something far more profound – the restoration of trust and confidence in real estate transactions. But this is not solely about innovation.

‘It’s about the promise of a more dynamic and trustworthy real estate sector, one that sets a new standard for professionalism and reliability. This is why I am proud to represent property professionals and encourage them to put their best foot forward, join the OPDA and be part of lasting change. Inventory Base proudly supports the OPDA in its mission to drive the industry forward and make property data accessible for all.’

The Open Property Data Association (OPDA) is more than just a name; it’s a beacon of hope for the property industry. Formed by a collective of forward-thinking industry professionals, property data providers, Proptech visionaries, and established organisations who share a common goal, the OPDA champions the cause of open property data for the greater good.

Mission Unveiled: The Heart of OPDA The associations launch was driven by a desire to ignite innovation, nurture trust, foster collaboration, and unite property market professionals. It beckons property professionals to join its ranks, but it’s no ordinary club. It challenges prospective members to change tomorrow.

West Sussex agency Alex Harvey are the latest company to join the FIA growing membership

Graham Lock, CEO of the Federation of Independent Agents commented that, ‘We are really excited that Alex and his team at Alex Harvey, based in Billingshurst, have joined the FIA family having securing membership exclusivity in their local. They are what great agency is all about, a professional attitude and hyper focused personal service which creates value.’

Alex Harvey, an extremely experienced property professional with many years in the industry has built up a highly respected agency in the Horsham district of West Sussex area, says, ‘We joined the FIA as we believe it is important to be part of a network of like-minded professionals who are committed to the highest levels of service and support for their clients.’

‘We are committed to supporting and guiding both our buyers and sellers along the moving home journey and will always do all that we can to ensure a successful outcome. Whatever your situation may be, we promise to deliver an appropriate level of empathy and understanding required to ensure a smooth and swift process.’

Speaking with Alex, it is clear that his philosophy of business totally entwines with that of the FIA. He explained that, ‘We are not just an agent who does a transaction and moves on to the next … we are agents for life … there is a family locally and we have helped family six members with their property needs … we understand their lives, we stay in contact and feel that when we see them in the street we are all part of the same family’











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