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Camden residents & businesses to vote on yes/no for estate agents boards

The London Borough of Camden Council is set to look in to the issue of estate agency boards – local residents and businesses will be asked their views on whether to keep them or not.

I can certainly agree that on some occassions they can become eye sores, either too many up on just one property or to highlight sales / sales agreed on the likes of flats and many, many times they are kept up way too long following sales being completed.

This recent case within Camden will look at Regulation 7 Directions which enables the enforcement that estate agency boards cannot be displayed without prior permission. Similar areas that have this in place include South Hampstead and Belsize Park.

Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities is quoted as saying: “Estate agent boards continue to be one of the most common complaints made to Camden’s Planning Enforcement Team.

Across the borough there are examples of estate agents disregarding the regulations, displaying numerous boards per building and keeping them up for long periods despite properties being sold or let.

Estate Agent Boards are seen by many as outdated eyesores, which merely add unnecessary clutter to our streets and take up valuable Council resources as we seek to secure their removal.

This situation has prompted calls for action and we are looking to apply for further powers from the Secretary of State to impose tighter controls for the display of estate boards across the borough.

You can tell the council what you think by completing the short survey below. You can also send photos of problem estate agent boards, with details of the street they are located in, to: [email protected]

The closing date for comments and photographs is Tuesday 26 February 2019.

Full report in available to be read on the official News of Camden Gov website.


Christopher Walkey

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and an internationally invited speaker on how to build online target audiences using Twitter and LinkedIn. Writes about UK property prices, housing and affordable homes.

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