Can a driveway add value to your home?

We all know that selling a property can be a hard drawn out process, they say a potential buyer makes their mind up on a property within the first 10 seconds of viewing, so first impressions count!

There is normally a lot of tidying up to do to make sure the garden area looks its best, such as pruning the edges and just general repairs to things like the garden fence.

It’s been estimated that a new driveway or a well maintained one can add between 5 and 10 percent of property value to your home, in other words that would be £22,000 based on the UK’s average house value. The numbers of cars on the road has increased every year since World War II in all but one, meaning a driveway has never been needed more.

So, it’s vitally important to make sure you get this right the first time, think about the material used there is a wide variety to choose from such as resin driveways, tarmac and flagstone even the design of the driveway is important such as footpaths.

Depending on your location in the country, parking close to your property can be a big deal, it’s all about the distance away from the property, the walk to and from the car and the less secure the car may be.

If you’re not looking to sell your property in the near future think of a new driveway as an investment, a recent survey suggested 84% of buyers wouldn’t buy a property if it didn’t have a driveway.

Having a new driveway installed now would not only be practical, as leaving your car on the street means a higher risk of damage, such as bumps and scratches, but it’s also then a useful selling tool for when the time may come to sell the property on.

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