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The Perry Power Story – Part 3

Written by Christopher Watkin on - Marketing -

Perry Power is considered by many to be one of the UK’s leading ‘young forward thinking estate agents’ … and now he tells his story in this three part documentary.


How UK estate agents can use banners

Written by Estate Agent Networking UK on - Marketing -

Marketing is an important part of the job for a real estate agent. Not only to capture new clients who want to sell a house, also to contact possible buyers. In an increasingly competitive commercial market, it is important to get your business out there and be different from competitors. It is easy to only […]


How to make money from being a full time Blogger

Written by Christopher Walkey on - Marketing -

It seems to me that I have been blogging for most of my working life and it has in-deed played such a big part of my working life combined with social media, video and photography – I have always loved to grab content and to share it online and this is what has led me […]


Approximately 4 million blog posts are published daily – How will yours stand out?

Written by Christopher Walkey on - Marketing -

The internet is awash of past and ever increasing new content from websites to tweets, blog posts to videos which makes it more important than ever that you attempt to make what you share stand out from the crowd. Once your content is published it simply joins the long list of choice people have to […]


Marketing must have’s estate agents need for 2018

Written by Jerry Lyons on - Marketing -

Hello Folks, Here’s a video on the four marketing must have’s estate agents need for 2018. I also unearth the phrase that makes me punch myself in the face when I hear it. The link to it is below.   Thanks for watching.


How do you engage with your Social Media audience?

Written by Nigel Stephens on - Marketing -

As someone who not only trains and mentors Estate Agents, I also run a franchise for a large, local, independent Estate Agent: Edward Mellor. Those that can do. Those who can’t teach. Those that know me, know that I embrace #PropTech especially when it frees an agent up to engage with their customers and I […]


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